Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme

weight loss Hypnotherapy with Maria Furtek, Epsom, Surrey

This Weight Hypnotherapy & You (WHY) ,weight loss & weight management programme consists of 5, 8 or 12 confidential face-to-face sessions with Maria, over a period of upto  6 months. This program assists you in dealing with the psychological and motivational aspects of weight reduction. Its purpose is to alleviate compulsive eating, deal with underlying issues that stop you from losing weight;  to change self defeating habits, which are the source of overeating and obesity, and to enhance your motivation to exercise and reduce weight.

This hypnotherapy weight management programme  is a solution-orientated approach to weight loss that focuses on your behaviours and habits  related to food, eating, coping skills, mindset and physical exercise. This is a bespoke programme that works with your own individual issues and allows you to work at an individual pace.

This programme uses Hypnotherapy, NLP and Emotional Freedom (EFT), and Integral Eye Movement Therapy techniques to give you the tools to change your habits, behaviour and relationship with yourself and food, so that you feel motivated to lose and maintain your weight loss. Obviously your full commitment is required to get the results you require, but Maria will use her professional skills, extensive experience and a range of psychological techniques to support you along the way.

Here is what previous clients have said about the WHY Hypnotherapy weight management Programme with Maria

  • “Maria worked with me to literally “take the weight off my mind!” in our sessions. She supported me to make changes to my eating habits and to change my mindset about food so that I no longer sabotage myself with my negative thinking and lack of motivation. As a result I have lost 10 pounds and feel so much lighter in myself” Sarah L (Accountant)
  • “My eating is now under control…. I eat healthier and do not constantly think about food anymore. The hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with Maria have really worked.”Alison B (Housewife)
  • After the weight loss hypnotherapy sessions with Maria,I felt lighter both in body and in mind. The result was that I lost weight and felt happier than I had felt about myself in a long time.Rosemary (retired)
  • “The help and support I have received from Maria has been invaluable with my constant battle with my weight. I now feel free from the burden of dieting and back in control for the first time!” Jodie ( Beauty Therapist)
  • I wanted you to know how delighted I am with my weight loss and to say thank you. Having had all those sessions with you I have a different attitude now to losing weight. Your sessions still come to my thoughts quite regularly and I know my planning of what to eat and thinking ahead to days when I am out and about, taking lunch or a snack have really helped. I know I still have a way to go but I was 14st 10 and yesterday I weighed in at 12st 13. To see that change in stone figure has meant such a great deal to me. I still don’t have that sideways look I want but it is getting better and people have noticed the weight loss, which is always a boost.I will say the planning is probably one of the most important things, for me, especially when it comes to food. I feel you have put me on the right track and I have different view about food these days. I do think that if I know I am going to have something that may not be that healthy I remember there are 21 meals in a week and this is just one meal.I don’t think I would have got this far if I hadn’t have my sessions with you first. So a big thank you from me. Lynne W June 2014

    Vicky came to see me about losing weight as she was getting married within 12 months. She had tried dieting but had never lost weight. She believed she could not lose weight due to her blood type. However, after working with me on the Weight Hypnotherapy and You programme, she went from 18stone 5 3/4 pounds to 15 stone for her wedding and says she looked and felt amazing. She didn’t feel deprived, didn’t “diet” and is confident that her weight will never be a problem again. 


    Sarah A. came to see me initially for the Weight Hypnotherapy and You Programme (WHY), as she needed to change her mindset around dieting, having constantly Yo Yo dieted without long term success;to change her stress/comfort eating patterns and  alter her relationship with food and eating. After the WHY programme, Sarah decided to add on the Hypno -Gastric Band Programme, to work with me for longer, with the potential to speed up her results. Below is a short interview with Sarah at the end of her sessions:

    Listen to what Sarah A. had to say about the Weight Hypnotherapy and You programme and the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy that she had with Maria: Interview with Sarah – September 2016

Below are video testimonials from Clients who have benefited from working with Maria on the Weight Hypnotherapy and You programme.


Chrissie completed her 8 sessions on the WHY programme over an 8 month period, and she has kindly agreed to share her “before” and “after” pics and her video feedback about the sessions. The first video is shortly after the WHY Coaching sessions with Maria, and the second video is one year later. Here she talks about the sessions and how working with Maria as her own weight loss Coach has transformed her body and also her life!

This is Chrissie before she started her Weight Hypnotherapy and You sessions

This is Chrissie after her 8 sessions with Maria. At this point she had lost nearly 2 1/2 stones, watch the video below to hear what she said about the sessions.

Since this video, Chrissie has gone on to lose 5 stone in total. She now has the right mindset, has cleared any underlying issues and has the tools to maintain her weight loss.

(See new video of Chrissie below: One year on)

Call Maria to book your first session 020 8395 5471.

24th July 2012 UPDATE:

This is Chrissie one year on from her sessions on the WHY weight loss coaching programme with Maria. Here she talks about how she has maintained her 5 stone Weight loss and how coaching from Maria has enabled her to create the body and the life she always dreamed about:

Update from Chrissie February 2013:

Chrissie very kindly sent me a picture of how slim and gorgeous she is still looking one year and 8 months after finishing her Weight Hypnotherapy and You sessions with me. She has maintained her 5 stone weight loss without having to diet and life is good!

This could be you! Call me to book your first session on 020 8395 5471.

Email me on: mfurtek@blueyonder.co.uk

SUE:This is another client Sue, who very kindly agreed to share her feedback here at the end of her 8 Weight Hypnotherapy and You sessions:


Russell completed his Weight Hypnotherapy and You Programme on 19th August 2013, this is what he said about his sessions and his weight loss:

Click on the picture below, if you would like to hear the full interview with Russell and let him tell you about:

  • how the WHY programme with Maria has helped him to change his whole attitude and relationship with food,
  • How his mindset about losing weight & dieting has changed as a result of working with Maria and
  • more about how he feels now about achieving his weight loss, then click on his picture below:

2013-08-19 12.01.52