A monthly group mentoring and business support group for women who are passionate about what they do and wish to grow their business successfully.

Running your own business can bring a number of challenges:

  • How to grow & develop your business successfully
  • How to use social media effectively
  • How to market your business
  • Website issues/ technical know how
  • How to set up newsletters
  • Not enough clients
  • Cash flow problems
  • Overwhelm with all that you need to do
  • Struggling to find time to work “on” your business
  • Designing and writing blogs
  • Making your own videos
  • Networking, getting good referrals
  • How to get your business to stand out amongst all the competition
  • How to be resilient when things go wrong
  • These are common challenges for most business owners.

    They are a natural part of running and growing a business – but it can feel very lonely, time consuming and financially draining trying to battle through these on your own.

    Who can help?

    • Whilst family & friends can be helpful, they don’t always understand or have the right skills or experience that you need to resolve these issues.
    • Most small businesses don’t have £185+ per hour on a regular basis, to invest in a Business Coach or Mentor to help them resolve these issues.

    There is an affordable solution.

    Imagine knowing that you could have structured group mentoring & support, from a small, enthusiastic, skilled, knowledgeable community of like-minded women, who are all committed to improving their lives, their businesses and achieving their dreams and helping you to do this too.

    A group where each individual within the group brings unique perspectives, resources, skills, ideas, experience and contacts to the group for mutual benefit.

    This collaborative synergy makes a difference and can inspire everyone to new heights of achievement, learning and growth.

    Let me introduce you to the “Successful Women in Business” Mastermind group!

    What is the Successful Women in Business Group?

  • A monthly meeting of motivated female business owners, who share a common goal of wanting to grow and develop their business, whilst encouraging and helping each other to improve and grow too.
  • We work in a collaborative way brainstorming ideas, sharing learning, experience and knowledge offering support, honesty, respect, integrity, compassion and friendship
  • A safe space, where group members act as catalysts to growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues

These are some of the achievements of the current members:

  • Tripled her turnover this year
  • Started with virtually no clients, empty diary and low income to having a consistently full diary & being able to do the work she loves
  • Within 3 months of joining has had two amazing months where she has doubled her income by implementing the ideas shared in the group
  • Putting her prices up and maintained this with confidence. (Previously she was undercharging & discounting her sessions regularly)
  • Learning how to use social media to earn money in her business even though she didn’t have a website
  • Networking successfully so that she regularly comes away with a minimum of £500 of business from a meeting 

“I have personally belonged to a Mastermind group since 2010 and having experienced the difference this has made to my own business development and success, I created the Successful Women in Business Groups, which I have been running since 2014.” 

Inge Berrie

I chose your Mastermind group, because of your skills as a facilitator. I remember thinking that you would control the group, and everyone would get a fair chance to speak unlike some of my other experiences. Your approach was the reason I joined. I have had lots of other coaches and the personality qualities of the coach are huge for me, plus seeing that the coach runs a successful business themselves is important to me!

Working with Maria in her Successful Women in Business Group helped me a huge amount last year, and my turnover tripled in that year!

I also got lots of inspiration from the other members in the group facing similar difficulties in running their business.

Why Join the SWB Group?

  • Accountability – Each month, each member will get a chance to “hot seat” and feedback how their business is progressing; how they have followed through on their plans and ideas.
  • Feedback – We will give you honest feedback about your ideas with no bias or agendas – we are not in competition with you.
  • Advice – at times when you are unsure where to turn to or what to do, we can offer a unique and yet relevant perspective as business owners too. This makes for amazing feedback when you are unsure what steps to take or what direction to go in.
  • Collaboration – Not only will be collaborate on ideas, but we can often help you with projects and tasks. We are also committed to cross- promotion, sharing your social media posts, blogs, adverts etc, so your business reaches a wider audience
  • Connection – You will belong to an exclusive community, so you will no longer feel alone in your business. In between our face to face meetings, you have access to the closed, confidential on-line Mastermind group to ask for help and support 24/7.
  • Resourceful – We each bring a diversity of different specialities, learning and areas of knowledge. The blending of different background, skills and businesses creates a fantastic environment to learn, share your strengths and grow.
  • Support – Encouraging you to keep going when you encounter hard times in your business . Gaining insights which improve your business and help you grow. A caring team who will help you get answers to your questions and find solutions to your problems.

Catherine Gray

I joined Maria’s Successful Women in Business Group early last year, whilst I was going through a stressful period in my life, which had knocked my confidence and then been affecting my business. The group appealed to me, as I knew Maria would only accept supportive and encouraging people, and trusted that the group would help me. Over the months that I’ve been a member, Maria and the other group members have all really helped me, sharing skills and experience.
Although I have a team in the office, and other people to use as a sounding board, being able to sit down with people who are experiencing the same sort of business challenges as me, in a confidential and supportive environment has been invaluable.
After the initial 6 months, I renewed for another 6 months, as I feel that I am still benefitting from attending, and as the things that affect us and our business evolve and shift, Maria and the group respond well, keepingit relevant.
The closed Facebook group for Mastermind members only, is great for ongoing communication and support between meetings too. If you are thinking about joining, I couldn’t recommend Maria and the group enough.

Sara Mitchell

One of the main benefits of working with Maria in the SWB group, is being part of a “real” community of like-minded business women: knowing that there is a resource to tap into when needed, where I can draw on other’s skills and experiences and not make costly mistakes as a result!

Format of the Successful Women in Business Group:

  • 2 hour local monthly group mentoring
  • Maximum 5 members per group
  • 20 minutes personal “hot seating” on your business each month
  • Topic – an appropriate topic relevant to your business is discussed at each meeting to help generate ideas, development & growth- coaching questions and other beneficial formats will apply too
  • A private, closed on-line Mastermind group for support 24/7 in between sessions

Michelle Wilkinson

This is a great group which I highly recommend. Great ideas are created during our monthly group meetings and also great support. I learn something new every time. I no longer feel alone running my business.

How is this different to Networking?

Whilst you are encouraged to make referrals in the group, this is not the main focus of the group.

The focus of the group is to share knowledge, insights and best practice in business, combined with mutual support and mentoring on each member’s specific challenges and plans, plus accountability. (but not in a pushy male goal setting way!)

We are a team, and we want everyone in the group to grow and feel nurtured!

Rosalind Brookman

I spent six months as part of Maria’s Successful Women in Business Mastermind Group and can honestly say that, without it, I would feel far less assured about treading the business path I have chosen.

The support of both Maria and the fantastic women I shared the group with was invaluable: it allowed me to ask advice, sound out ideas and benefit from their enthusiasm and imagination. I left each session feeling inspired and invigorated. I went from only having a vague plan of what I wanted to do to now having a defined strategy for my next business steps and this has positively contributed to my ability to get out there and sell myself with confidence in what I do!

Rosalind specialises in writing blog posts, articles and website text for small businesses. She also runs writing and blogging workshops www.rosalindbrookman.com

Jim Rohn, Author & Motivational speaker tells us:

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

Are the people you spend the most time with helping you with your personal development and business growth?

This is where being part of this Mastermind group can be of massive benefit.

This is for you if:

  • You are a female business owner who wants to grow your business
  • You are able to commit for at least 6 months
  • You are a person with integrity, are willing to contribute to the group and are open to being supported
  • You are ready to take action

Michele Porter

I am forever grateful for Maria’s Mastermind group, it enabled me the freedom to explore the potential of what my business could be, and rather than just improving my existing business, it opened up whole new avenues that I had not previously considered. All in the safe nurturing space of our confidential group. I will definitely be returning and would recommend to anyone who is serious about their business and wanting to grow and improve

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I am passionate about supporting as many women in business, who wish to grow and impact the lives of others in a positive way.
I want to make this easy for you to say YES and to get the support and help you need, to achieve your success.
You can join the group with a deposit of only *£55!
And it’s just £45 per month thereafter for the 6 months membership. (Or if it’s easier for you, you can pay in one lump sum up front which will save you £25.00 on the total investment)

If you know this is for you, and you are ready to commit to yourself and your development, email me mfurtek@blueyonder.co.uk or book a call for us to have a chat. We’ll talk about your business, what you want from the group and how we can support you to achieve growth and success.

**The balance and energy of each group is really important, so we want to make sure that it is a good fit for each member, especially as I can only work with 5 businesses in each group. If you know this is exactly what you have been looking for, and you feel it’s the right thing for you then take action and contact me today 020 8395 5471 or email me on mfurtek@blueyonder.co.uk

*(2020-2021 Investment- please check for current pricing).

Sarah Christian Taylor

I have been part of this mastermind group with Maria for a number of years. It has been great to have a lovely group of ladies supporting me and my business. Everyone really wants you to succeed, and is there to cheer you on and give advice when needed. Being part of this group has given me more confidence, and moved my business forward. It can be lonely running your own business, especially when you are having a wobble, knowing you have people to turn to, who understand, is invaluable. Thank you Maria for the support you have given me over the many years. 

Sarah Christian Taylor Reflexologist
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