Week 7: Help Me to Slim for Summer– Change your Behaviour at Meal Times

Help me to SLim for Summer: I know that it’s not exactly Summer weather but for most of us the Summer holidays are approaching and how are you feeling about getting into your bikini or swim suit for your Summer Holidays? If you are still struggling to lose weight these small behavour changes will make a BIG difference! […]

Procrastinate No More

“I really want to lose weight.” “The diet starts tomorrow” “I can’t be bothered to do it now!” How many times do you hear yourself saying this in relation to losing weight?

Wanting to lose weight, is not the same as doing it!

Why start something tomorrow, when you could just start now?

If you […]

See Less of Yourself this Christmas – Successfully Lose Weight in the Next 5 weeks

Would you like to see less of yourself this Christmas? Do you want to fit into your little black dress for the party season? There is an alternative to dieting! Read about Chrissie’s success with the Weight Hypnotherapy and You Programme.

With the excesses of Summer long gone, many people are now thinking it may […]