Week 7: Help Me to Slim for Summer– Change your Behaviour at Meal Times

Help me to SLim for Summer: I know that it’s not exactly Summer weather but for most of us the Summer holidays are approaching and how are you feeling about getting into your bikini or swim suit for your Summer Holidays? If you are still struggling to lose weight these small behavour changes will make a BIG difference! […]

Save Your Belly and your Budget!

How to show smart, save your belly and your budget- these 5 tips will keep on track to lose weight without having to buy expensive diet foods. […]

How to have your Chocolate (Cake) at Easter, and eat it…. even if you are Losing Weight

If you think that death by chocolate is quite appealing and are trying to lose weight, then this can be quite a challenge. I want to show you how you can still eat chocolate and lose weight….. […]

Mother’s Day – Be spoilt but don’t spoil your opportunity to be healthy and slim.

Are you looking forward to being pampered on Mother’s day? I know I am – as a mum myself I know how special I feel having my own son and my step son’s and wonderful partner around me on that Sunday. I know from personal experience that if we are eating out on Mother’s […]

Is your New Year Diet Hanging by a Thread?

If you are feeling guilty because your diet is now hanging by a thread, don’t despair. Diets are simply not the best way to lose weight and keep it off. They are only a temporary solution to your weight problems.

Research has shown that once you “come off” a diet, your body switches to overeating […]

Dieting makes you Fatter

New research has shown that people who diet end up gaining more weight in the long term. Finnish Researchers studied 4000 twins and found that those who had dieted at least once in their lives were 80% more likely to be overweight than those who had never dieted. Those who had dieted more than once […]


Put on a few pounds over Christmas and feeling miserable? Is losing weight one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Then read on……

Most people put on some weight over Christmas. we indulge in rich foods, socialise more, probably consume more alcohol than usual , have more chocolate and nibbles in the house and often as […]

The Third Common Emotion that Can Make You Fat

This is the third of the 3 emotions that can make you fat – Click on the link below, to watch this short video to find out what it is and how to overcome it.

The Second Common Emotion That Can Make You Fat is……

I am now going to reveal the second emotion that can make you put on weight and sabotage your efforts. Are you ready for this one? It is a common one that women can feel at certain times in the month or at certain periods in their life. It is:



See Less of Yourself this Christmas – Successfully Lose Weight in the Next 5 weeks

Would you like to see less of yourself this Christmas? Do you want to fit into your little black dress for the party season? There is an alternative to dieting! Read about Chrissie’s success with the Weight Hypnotherapy and You Programme.

With the excesses of Summer long gone, many people are now thinking it may […]