The Second Common Emotion That Can Make You Fat is……

I am now going to reveal the second emotion that can make you put on weight and sabotage your efforts. Are you ready for this one? It is a common one that women can feel at certain times in the month or at certain periods in their life. It is:



Do you know the Three Common Emotions that Make You Fat?

So many women eat because of their emotions and not necessarily because they are hungry. There are three common emotions that can really make you pile on the pounds and today I’ll share the first one with you and how to deal with it differently.

The first emotion that can make you fat is Fear


Lighten Up for Summer

Thinking of losing weight to fit into your bikini

With the sun shining so beautifully out there today, it’s making me want to sit out in the garden and eat crunchy, healthy salads and sip cool, long drinks!

It’s also making me think about wearing lighter summery clothes. How lovely to stop feeling […]