There are many reasons why students may feel anxious about school, college, or university. Sometimes there's an easily identifiable concern, like conflict, peer pressure, bullying or difficulty with a teacher. Other challenges may include social pressures, going to a new school or university, being away from home for the first time, not enough sleep, academic challenges, homesickness, low self-esteem and difficulties with time management, exam anxiety and organising assignments.

These anxieties interfere with academic progress and can then result in under achievement. The adolescent brain is more sensitive to stress hormones and some of the physical symptoms that students often experience can include headaches, stomach pains, racing heartbeat, sweating, trembling, fatigue, and mind fog and these can result in an avoidance of situations, feeling overwhelmed, restlessness, withdrawal, isolating self from friends, crying, fluctuating moods and uncontrollable worry.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the disruption to education has also negatively impacted on young people’s mental health and it has been widely reported that as a result, many young people are struggling with their wellbeing in these challenging times.

As a former secondary school teacher, and as a parent, I understand the pressures placed upon young people studying for exams and going to university. I work with students age 16+ to empower them to take back control, to increase their emotional resources, to learn how to effectively manage their time, and I teach them how to use powerful psychological strategies that will go with them for life, to enable them to manage these challenges more positively.

From school anxiety and fear of going out, to feeling calm.



The Sessions with Maria were very helpful. I feel more confident about my exams and my key skills. Maria really helped me to understand my learning and revising styles.

Kerrie -  Exam Anxiety

Maria showed me how to successfully manage the anxiety, homesickness and pressure that I was suffering in my first year at a Russell Group University