One of the most common problems that many clients come to me for help with relates to sleep issues and insomnia.

This issue can affect every aspect of our well-being, from weight gain, mood swings, to our stress levels: good sleep is essential for us to function at our best.

There are a variety of sleep issues that I deal with which include:

  • Problems falling asleep at night
  • Overactive mind or intrusive thoughts, causing restless sleep or inability to sleep
  • Regular waking in the night – disrupted sleep
  • Waking too early in the morning, as if you have an internal body clock set for 4am

Facing the day feeling tired on a regular basis can increase our stress levels and our inability to cope well with the daily demands of life. Some women during their menopause experience poor sleep, night sweats and restlessness, which can make them feel exhausted, frustrated and start to dread going to bed at night.

The good news is that these issues can be overcome with the right understanding and intervention. I work with my clients in a bespoke way, to ascertain exactly what the problem is and then using the skills of NLP, Hypnotherapy and other effective tools, I teach them how to “put themselves” to sleep; how to relax deeply and switch off their intrusive thoughts and how to put themselves back to sleep if they are experiencing disturbed sleep during the night. This goes beyond the whole “sleep hygiene” intervention that is commonly used and whilst useful to examine your routines leading up to going to bed, often more is needed to deal with insomnia. As part of my work, I often create bespoke MP3’s for you to listen to, to encourage your mind to relax and prepare for sleep.

Self-confidence isn’t about being loud, brash, or pushy. Self-confidence is an attitude: it’s about having a positive belief that you can take control of your life; it’s about feeling that you can do something and taking action to do it; it’s about believing in yourself so that you can support and manage yourself through the challenges of life to achieve your own full potential.

Suffered with insomnia for years due to a lifelong health condition – “Maria taught me to communicate with my own mind to prepare me to sleep successfully.” Tim interviewed Maria for his podcast “The Gift” – How to Worry Less & Sleep Better”


Tim W

I saw Maria for just 3 sessions about my persistent insomnia. After the sessions I was able to fall into a deep sleep and sleep soundly all night


I was constantly waking several times in the night and my mind would kick in with my work challenges and an on-going “to-do”. Maria taught me “self-hypnosis” so that I quieten my mind and get back to sleep again.