Professional supervision is an important part of your work as a Hypnotherapist and many supervisees have said that this has helped them to feel a reduced sense of isolation from working alone.  

  • A small group to ensure participation, and sharing of knowledge 
  • support with client work, discuss challenges in confidence
  • grow your skills, expand your knowledge
  • lower stress levels, increase job satisfaction
  • draw upon my 20+ years' experience, knowledge and skills as an experienced supervisor and practising Hypnotherapist

Working within a small group for supervision provides you with a pool of ideas and help; ensures your own wellbeing. as well as accountability and best practice in your work. This is an affordable way for new Hypnotherapists to fulfil their professional organisations' supervision criteria.

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Why choose me?

  • I am a GHR Acknowledged Supervisor with over 20 years’ experience in this field as a Hypnotherapist, Coach and NLP Master Practitioner
  • 8 years’ supervision experience
  • Experienced Business Mentor – helping you to grow a successful therapy business with integrity
  • Support for you personally and professionally
  • Successfully coached, mentored and supported other business women to grow their businesses through the “Successful Women in Business Mastermind group” since 2014.