Welcome to my past newsletters! In these you will find inspirational hints and advice on your weight loss and transformational ideas to support you in managing your stress and anxiety levels. Two great passions of mine!

Just click on the links below to bring up the newsletter with all its goodies for you! Whilst these may be from a few years ago, there is still a lot of useful and beneficial information in them for you.

April/May 2015 –  Are you feeling low in energy? Need a quick boost? These tips will help you. Are you lacking in motivation to get your body ready for Summer, then try this. And is Stress affecting your weight?

February 2015 – Do you love yourself? How to change your snacking habits & you are what you think!

January 2015 – Weight Loss newsletter. Why will power doesn’t work when losing weight and the real secret to achieving long term weight loss.

September 2014 – Suffering with the Post Holiday Blues? Cravings beating you on your diet then you need to understand your “Craving personality” to help you overcome these inner demons.

June 2014 –  How mindless are you? How mindlessness leads to weight gain. Styling for self-confidence, how to turn crisis into opportunity.

May 2014 –  How happy are You? Read this to find out. Do you believe that you are what you eat? Are you self- medicating with food in times of stress and challenge? How to monitor your own dialogue to improve happiness.

April 2014 – Are you stuck with your weight loss? Do you feel that you are never going to lose weight? Is anxiety a daily occurance for you, then read how to “relax on the spot” techniques to help you.

March 2014 – How well do you look after yourself? How to deal with anxiety in the “blink of an eye!” and my monthly inspirational tip.

December 2013 – Is it time for you to say Goodbye? What would you do if you could not fail? And how to survive the festive overwhelm.

October 2013  – Why October is the new January! How to find peace in your mind, and stop smoking for longer than 28 days.

September 2013 – Do you find it hard to get off the starting block to start a new project or achieve your goals? 3 magic sleep tips and a dose of Inspiration for September.

April 2013 – How to Sizzle for Summer – get your body “beach ready” in 12 weeks; How to deal with post exercise aches and pains & 3 top tips to help your children overcome exam nerves!

March 2013 – How to Crack Easter without Piling on the pounds! And Why 10 is the magic number for stress!

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