• Have you achieved success, but don't feel fulfilled in your life, career, or business?
  • Do you feel that there is something else, or more that you want to do in life, but you haven't got clarity about what that is?
  • Do you feel that you are lacking direction, and you are not really clear about your life purpose?

Sometimes in life we feel like we are going round in circles, not having a clear vision about what we really want or where we are heading. It can take some time to work this out and it is not something we are encouraged to really explore: often we fall into a career path or job and continue to pursue that path without really thinking about “Is this what I really want? Does this align with my values and who I really am?”

In the Life Purpose Coaching Programme, we work together to clarify your life vision, mission, and purpose using creative coaching skills, establishing your personal mission statement, exploring what’s important to you and work out how you can implement these in your life. You will finish this programme with a greater insight into yourself and also a plan of how to turn your vision into reality.

By working through this myself over 25 years ago, I was able to clarify my own purpose and hear my individual “calling” to become a therapist and coach. Once I discovered my life purpose, aligned my values, and created a clear vision of how I wanted my life to be, it  didn’t take long to move my career from a role where I was successful but deeply unfulfilled, into a life-long career and business, which makes my heart sing!

Having a clear purpose, a higher value or bigger vision acts like a compass, helping you to prioritise and make decisions as you move forward, stopping that sense of going round in circles and helps you to stay creative, navigate challenges and conquer setbacks.

 If you would like to find out more and feel ready to step up and explore what’s possible then get in touch.