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 You didn’t wake up this morning and discover that overnight you put on a vast amount of weight! For most people who are overweight, it is your habits and behaviour around food that are causing the problem. I call this your “eating strategy”: what you eat, when you eat, why you eat, where you eat and how you eat!

Using the brain’s natural ability to make new connections, we can create more effective habits and using powerful techniques, we can embed these habits by creating new neural pathways in the brain. Hence the diet buddy programme focuses on identifying the common habits and behaviours that you have, which are sustaining your obesity and stopping you from reducing weight. It then supports you to create healthier, more effective eating habits and behaviour, that will lead to weight loss and shows you how to embed these unconsciously, so that they become consistent actions that you take and they stick!

The key to weight loss starts in the mind, not through dieting. This programme works because it is not a diet! It is a system of psychological and behavioural change.

On this programme you don’t have to diet, buy low fat, substitutes or expensive food, there is no need for guilt or mentally beating yourself up, you won’t feel the need to cheat, there’s no calorie counting, and there are no forbidden foods.

If you hate being overweight, feel guilty about each morsel that passes your lips, are fed up with dieting and have lost hope of ever eating normally and achieving lasting weight reduction, then this is  the solution for you.

Stop feeling guilty! Stop blaming yourself for your diet failure! It’s time to take action based responsibility! You don’t need more information, you need direction and a step by step way to deal with your weight problem.

Introducing ……

“How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight”

an on-line weight reduction programme with a difference

Firstly, let me be clear exactly what this on-line weight reduction programme is not. It is not:

  • a magic wand
  • quick fix to weight loss
  • a faddy diet that will promise that you will lose a stone in a week
  • a food replacement or starvation and binge diet

This programme has been honed and tested with all my weight loss clients over the past 13 years in my business: I’ve taken what works and created an effective, easy to follow weight reduction programme, enabling you to lose weight ecologically – focusing on one step at a time,so that as you implement each step the weight comes off.

If you are looking for a bright shiny object promising you a magic wand quick fix, then this is not the programme for you. This is not some miracle cure to your weight loss….. I’m going to take you by the hand and take you step by step through the “How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight” coaching programme so that as you take each one of those steps, you will be changing your eating habits and behaviour around food and dieting.

You will receive 7 focused modules over a 6 month subscription, which is more than plenty of time to work through each one at your own pace, or even steam through quickly and revisit again and again during this period. Each module is designed to build on the previous one, so that it’s easy to follow and to implement.

Of course you could just choose to continue down the old well trodden path of dieting, but no doubt you have done that many times before without lasting success, otherwise you wouldn’t be here  now reading this. As the saying goes” If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got”” i.e. failure through dieting!

Let me share with you, what this programme will address:

  • Self -sabotage patterns of behaviour around food and eating
  • Emotional triggers which make you eat
  • Creating & embedding more successful and effective eating habits
  • Motivation to lose weight
  • Taking control of your portion sizes
  • Removing the  guilt from eating, so that you can start enjoying the pleasure of food again, including the foods you love
  • Creating lasting weight reduction results

It fully explains why diets have failed you in the past, and reveals the success formula for weight loss. This programme uses the latest weight loss strategies, combined with hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching so that you get results.

If you feel that this is for you, then don’t wait, click the big blue subscribe button below to get started on your weight reduction right away.

 If you are struggling with your weight, it is likely that you are experiencing some of the following:

  • A sense of an ongoing battle to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Food cravings, constant thoughts of food, obsession with dieting.
  • Overeating, not controlling portions,
  • Eating when you don’t feel hungry.
  • Eating to feel better in times of stress or emotional strain, using food as a treat or reward.
  • No energy or motivation
  • Poor body image – feeling unattractive, withdrawn, depressed about your weight

If this is the case, then you need what I have to offer in this programme. Imagine right now how it will feel knowing that you have finally found your lasting answer to weight loss…you’ve been lied to for too long by all those faddy diet promises. Just remember life is short and you’ve been struggling for too long.

I want you to know that you won’t be on your own, as with this programme, you will be joining my diet buddy community of like-minded women, working along side you on this programme and sharing their experiences, ideas, challenges and successes.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Jo said about the “How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight Programme:

“Since starting the on-line Diet Buddies system I have never been happier.  I do not feel I am dieting, I rarely feel hungry, because I am not.  I have so much energy, more than I have had in many years…. having this guidance, and being able to do it in my own time and at my own pace, without guilt or pressure from anyone, even myself, has made my new lifestyle just fall into place with ease.  The weight has been coming off and I am so happy with the results and my new way of life.”

This Diet Buddy programme is valued at £147.  However, I don’t want price to be a barrier or an excuse. I want as many people as possible to benefit from it, so it is purposely priced to be affordable at only £47 for the whole 6 month subscription.

Take action now and click on the blue subscribe button to get started right away.

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I am confident that like all my other clients, you will get results from this diet buddy programme. However, it is covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can try this risk free knowing that if you work through the modules, take action on the coaching, listen to the recordings and audio’s, read the inspirational reports and engage with the on-line diet buddy forum and after 30 days you don’t feel that you have benefited from your investment,then I will refund your money in full!

Unless you take action today, you’ll probably do what you always do and put it off. So click that subscribe button right now

 It’s time to stop the struggle with your weight, overwrite those bad habits & take back control of your eating!

When you join me on this programme: How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight, you will receive the following:

  • 7 on-line coaching modules, covering the latest weight loss strategies.
  • Full 6 month subscription – providing ample time for even the busiest person to work through the programme at your own pace. Accessible on-line, on your tablet, phone, computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during your subscription.
  • Powerful coaching exercises to help you reflect upon and make changes to your eating, behaviour and attitude towards food and diets.
  • Motivational audios to listen to as often as you wish, enabling you to reset your habits and behaviour around food, eating and dieting.
  • Inspirational and motivational reports assisting you to create the right mindset for weight loss.
  • Confidential, unlimited support from me, throughout your subscription, via the on-line Diet Buddy Community. Top of Form

 Here’s what Vicky said one month into her subscription to “How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight”:

I’m finding the modules inspirational. I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far. My clothes feel more comfortable and I feel really well for the first time in a while. I feel the most relaxed about food than I have done in ages

 Are you ready to create the body you desire?

Think about it right now, If you can’t invest £47 in your health, how will you ever afford obesity related disease?

Today is your day to take action and do what you know you must do to get results… don’t put it off any longer, click that button right now!

“Here’s to your weight loss success!”

Maria Furtek

 p.s. In a nutshell, this programme will enable you to reset your brain patterning, which influences your habits and behaviour around food and eating.Enabling you to restore a sense of balance, so that you can lose weight comfortably,  moving away from stress and worry about your excess weight and towards feeling calm and in control with healthy, sustained, ecological weight loss.

 p.p.s Remember I have ensured this programme is priced at an affordable level, so that price is not a barrier for you to get the help you need, to  finally become the weight you desire in a natural and lasting way.

Now maybe like me, you can be a bit cynical about the promises that are made about products and services (especially online!); and you might be wondering about what I do and if it is any good? Well obviously I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have both personal and a great deal of professional experience of facilitating clients to reduce weight and most importantly, keep it off! But I thought you might like to hear a bit more about what people, just like you, are saying after signing up to this Diet Buddy programme “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight”

“Now I know I can eat chocolate and all my other favourite foods, I don’t feel deprived and actually have noticed that I don’t crave them so much any more. I have stopped rebelling against myself in a way.” Alison

“I’ve found this programme very grounding – Working through the modules and listening to the audio’s has made me look at myself and my behaviour in a new light” Emma

 “I’m really enjoying it and I’m glad that I made this small investment in myself,  it feels like I’ve had a break through.” Michelle

Why risk frustration and failure, when I have done all the hard work for you, step by step. Join all the “diet buddies” like, Michelle, Emma and Alison and Vicky and Jo on-line in the private “Diet Buddy” forum and find the way forward now to deal with your weight!

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