Finally, the REAL secret to losing weight – and keeping it off!

If you've ever tried to lose weight you will be interested to know what the REAL secret to losing weight is......

It’s not diet

It’s not exercise

It’s not even diet PLUS exercise!

The real secret to losing weight is in your mind.

If you’re overweight then it’s the result of years of living your unhealthy habits and beliefs around food.

Change your beliefs and you’ll change your relationship with food.

The weight will fall away easily without you really trying.

Your weight will become a non-issue!

I know this because it’s exactly what happened to me – I’ll explain all about that in a moment, meanwhile, let me ask you a question…

 Does this sound like you…

  • You feel embarrassed by your weight
  • You’re always “on a diet” – except when you get fed up of depriving yourself and go on a binge
  • You’ve been yo-yo dieting for years, losing the weight for a while and then seeing it all pile back on when you come off the diet
  • You feel judged badly by other people who don’t see you, they only see your weight problem
  • You’re fed up of dieting and exercising and never being able to enjoy the food you eat?

Let me reassure you, it’s not your fault!

You’ve been lied to by the diet industry all your life.

Because diet and exercise only tackle the symptoms of your weight gain – they never deal with the cause!

So what happens…

You use tons of will power, depriving yourself of all the foods you love.

You spend hours at the gym or pounding the streets.

You count every calorie and spend a fortune on low fat, low calorie foods and supplements.

Food becomes your number one focus.

And you’re miserable all the time.

However, you do lose weight – for a while.

Then you come off the diet, go back to eating the way you used to…

And the weight piles back on!!

It doesn’t have to be like this.

I know because I’ve been there.

Let me tell you my story… maria furtek hypnotherapy for weight loss

Many years ago I trained as a teacher.  I was full of optimism and looking forward to teaching.

Reality didn’t match up to my rosy dreams – whilst I loved teaching, I found it incredibly stressful.

By the end of the day I was shattered.  I was very, very stressed, and I wasn’t eating properly.  Comfort eating biscuits and chocolate during the day, snacking on takeaways and cakes in the evening.

My weight was ballooning out of control.

I felt tired all the time lugging around all the excess weight.

And then I had a reason to lose it all – my boyfriend proposed and we set a date for the wedding.

I was determined to recover my slim, sylph-like figure and get into my size 10 wedding dress.

It took masses of will power.  It took virtually starving myself.  I ran myself ragged at the gym while eating very, very little.

And I succeeded.  I got into the dress!  And the wedding day was fabulous.

Once that was over I could relax.  I started to cook delicious meals for my new husband, and baking lots of cakes – and I started to eat them along with him.

The weight crept back – and then I fell pregnant!

All thoughts of dieting went out of the window – now I was eating for two.

I ballooned up to a size 20 by the time the baby was born.

There followed several years of yo-yo dieting.  I’d lose some of the weight.  Then I’d come off the diet and put it all back on again.

You see, I know what you’re going through – and I hated it!

Then I discovered NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy and coaching.

I discovered that the problem was all about how I thought about food. EpsomandEwell weight loss Hypnotherapy

Whenever I wanted to feel a bit better, I’d eat – usually something fatty and/or sweet.  It’s no wonder the pounds – and the inches – kept creeping up.


I’m now a healthy size 14, with a healthy BMI.

And I have maintained that size for the last 10 years.  No dieting, no depriving myself of food I love – and so no bingeing either!

In fact, food and my weight have become a non-issue for me.  I never give them any thought – I don’t have to!

And all because I changed my beliefs and my relationship to food.

“I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far. I’m doing really well, finding the modules inspirational.  My clothes feel more comfortable and I feel really well for the first time in a while.  I’m absolutely gonna keep going.  I don’t feel like I’m on a ‘diet’ at all.  I feel the most relaxed about food that I have done in ages!! Thanks loads Maria.” Vicky J

I want to share my breakthrough with you…

I’ve spent the last 10 years working with clients helping them to change their beliefs and their relationship to food.  Using a mixture of hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP I have seen enormous success with hundreds of my clients.

Now is the time for me to reach out to help even more overweight people to take control of their eating and their lives in a way that works and is sustainable.

I created “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight” to support people just like you.

snacking and weight loss

This is an on-line weight reduction programme with a massive difference!

  • It’s not another faddy diet plan
  • It’s not a gruesome exercise regime
  • It’s not a food replacement package
  • And it doesn’t involve any calorie counting or incessant weighing of yourself or your food.

What is “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight”?

It’s an on-line programme you can work through at your own pace.  And it includes all the latest weight loss strategies that work, along with coaching exercises and hypnotherapy audio tracks.

  •  You can work at your own pace through the seven modules
  • There’s an online community called Diet Buddies where you can get encouragement, support, and accountability from others who are also on the programme
  • And you get confidential unlimited support from me through the Diet Buddies community
  • The programme includes coaching exercises to enable you to understand your own unique personal motivations – you tailor make the programme to fit yourself
  • There are audios to listen to which work to reset your habits and behaviour while you listen
  • Inspirational and motivational reports to help you create the right mindset
  • And it’s a monthly membership programme so you can cancel whenever you wish, or stay on board until you’re 100% happy with your weight and your shape.

“I’ve stopped rebelling against myself”

“Now I know I can eat chocolate and all my other favourite foods, I don’t feel deprived and actually have noticed that I don’t crave them so much any more.  I’ve stopped rebelling against myself.” Alison B

 “Sounds great, so how do I join?”

Let me ask you first, what will it be worth to lose the excess weight you’ve been carrying around – and keep it off?

What will it be worth to develop a brand new lifestyle where you no longer have to worry about your weight – controlling your eating becomes automatic!

I can’t put a price on how much happier I am since I gained control of my eating habits.

I can’t put a price on the appreciative glances I now get from other people.

And I can’t put a price on how it feels not to be looked at pityingly and dismissively because of my weight.

My life is just so much better now that I can enjoy eating without worrying, and my weight has become a non-issue.

Membership of the “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight” programme is just £14.95 a month and that includes access to everything.

  •  Seven focused modules which take you through all the steps to totally changing your mindset and beliefs around food, dieting and weight issues
  • Coaching exercises to help you discover your individual motivations, habits, and behaviour around food
  • Audios to reprogram your thinking
  • Reports to keep you motivated and on track
  • Membership of the Diet Buddies community for all the support and encouragement you’ll ever need
  • And so much more.

I guarantee you’ll very soon be making positive changes to the way you think and behave around food – and that will have a positive effect on your weight, and your figure!

“It’s showing in inches!”

“All is going well for me. I am exercising every day and eating well. I have lost a couple of pounds but it is mainly showing in inches. I wore an outfit yesterday that I haven’t been able to wear for 2 years!! Love it!!” Vicky J

Are you ready to create the body you desire?

Sign up now and get started right away.

I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

 “Here’s to your weight loss success!”

 Maria Furtek

P.S. Finally, lose your excess pounds – and keep the weight off!

P.P.S. Remember, the real secret to losing weight is to change your beliefs and behaviours through changing your brain patterning.  Join us today and get started on the road to freedom from all your weight concerns.

“I have never been happier!”

“Since starting the on-line Diet Buddies system with Maria Furtek, normal, healthy, sensible eating, no deprivation, I have never been happier with myself. I do not feel I’m dieting – because I’m not!  I rarely feel hungry – because I’m not!  I have so much energy, more than I’ve had in many years.I can’t thank this programme and Maria enough. There is no turning back now – my life has changed so much for the better. Jo C


“Made me look at myself in a new light!”

“I found this programme very grounding.  Working through the modules and listening to the audios has made me look at myself and my behaviour in a new light!” Emma W