Stop smoking

As soon as I finished the first session with Maria, I stopped smoking and did not feel the need for a cigarette. I would highly recommend her.” Zoe R (Housewife) (Feb 2011)

Most people know that by stopping smoking they will save thousands of pounds a year and could add years to their life. Most people also know that by stopping smoking right now, they could save their health – before it’s too late. So why do people continue to smoke? Because they are afraid that they will put on weight; that they will lose their crutch or their sense of pleasure; they are afraid that they won’t enjoy life or handle stress. Basically the underlying fear that stops people from stopping smoking is:

“fear that it is going to be too painful or too difficult!”


With full client commitment, Maria’s unique hypnosis technique  provides the possibility  to stop smoking after only two sessions – not feeling deprived, not feeling that you’ve  made a sacrifice, and not feeling any pain. Instead you will have a huge sense of relief and elation that you have at last achieved what all smokers long to achieve.

The beauty of hypnosis and the way that Maria uses hypnosis in particular, is that with full client commitment, it can remove the need and desire to smoke.  Maria will also teach you techniques to support yourself so that you are able to maintain your desire to be a happy, healthy non-smoker.

“I was smoking about 40 a day and have tried before to give up but unsuccessfully. Two sessions with Maria, which made me feel relaxed and good and the end result – I haven’t smoked since!” – Russell H (Builder)

You won’t need useless aids or gimmicks. No nicotine patches or gums. Come to Maria with the motivation of wanting to stop smoking and your full commitment to do what it takes. All you have to do is make the decision to stop; pick up the phone and make an appointment to see Maria and then keep that appointment.


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