Life can feel miserable when you are struggling daily with anxiety, stress, insomnia  or a lack of confidence. If you are waking up with a feeling of fear for no apparent reason,  and are carrying this through the day; perhaps combined with your head overthinking and over analysing everything and you cannot stop it, then this can make you feel helpless, hopeless and totally exhausted.

It can feel difficult to deal with life when you are struggling with a phobia or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which can rule your life and stop you from doing the things that you might want, or need to do.

However, you don’t need to continue suffering with these issues. Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching can help to bring about effective change and release from these limiting fears and anxiety. I can teach you effective strategies, so that you can take back control of your anxieties and support yourself to move forward in your life. This is the difference that really does make the difference! By the end of your sessions with me, as well as using Hypnotherapy & NLP to bring about change, you will have greater self-understanding and are  empowered with effective and yet easily used psychological tools to manage yourself through life; through the challenges, and the unexpected; knowing how to take control of your anxiety, and manage your thoughts and feelings. You will have the tools to “self-lead” through your life!

Imagine waking up in the morning without the cloud of anxiety hanging over your head, or being able to go about your day freely without fear and panic, feeling in control of yourself and your life again. This is what I can offer you using Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching:

– the chance to stop these old patterns of worry, anxiety and fear and instead replace them with freedom, choice and a happier you.

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BELOW are Interviews with some of the clients I have worked with to overcome their anxiety.

“I was really frightened, panicky and confused by my anxiety and felt hopeless as I didn’t know if I could stop it. I thought nobody would be able to help me and I felt so alone. Maria helped me to hope again. I now feel really calm and collected. I have had a lot of really useful insights from the sessions. The techniques Maria taught me will go with me for the rest of my life.” – Laura Widyanto (Researcher)

To read more client feedback about their sessions dealing with anxiety  click here

To hear the interviews, click on the links below:

SR Story – October 2019 INTERVIEW

When SR came to see me, she was afraid to go out of the house, to even take the children to school or pop to the shops. She was anxious and this was limiting her enjoyment of life. After just 7 sessions she is now able to go out running, a hobby that she wanted to take up for years. As she says in her interview working with me has enabled her to get rid of her fears.

Listen to the interview with SR

Dom’s Story – December 2018 INTERVIEW

Dom started seeing me in January 2018, following a culmination of stresses in his life, which resulted in him not being able to go to work, due to massive levels of high anxiety. He felt overwhelmed; he was over analysing and overthinking everything in his day and it was causing him unhappiness. After several sessions, spaced over a period of time, Dom has ended the year in a much happier place. He was able to go back to work in January and was equipped to manage his pressures and take back control of his irrational and worrying thoughts. He now uses the techniques I taught him to keep himself in a more relaxed and balanced state, so that work stress does not overload him. He is looking forward to a much happier festive period this year. 

Listen to the short interview with Dom 

Jane’s  Story – June 2018 – INTERVIEW

Jane was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, especially at work. She was constantly thinking that she could not be successful and doubted herself and her abilities. She had many negative intrusive thoughts and she says her thinking was irrational, as in reality she was doing well in her job. Listen to a brief interview with Jane about how after only 4 sessions with me, she had managed to take back control of her anxiety and feel good about life and work again. 

listen to the short interview with Jane

KC’s Story – November 2017

As a 17 year old young man, KC had started feeling anxious about going  out, even with friends.

This was resulting in him avoiding going out and even getting to college was proving to be difficult for him. He could not understand why this had happened as he had not experienced any problems, but was getting so anxious at the thought of going out that when the time came, he felt sick and dizzy and consistently could not go. After only 5 sessions of working with me, KC had a better understanding of how this problem was created and effective tools to support himself in being able to have a social life again. The tools I taught him will go with him for life now. Hear the short interview with this remarkable young man here.

Ros’ Story – December 2016

Ros came to me saying she was claustrophobic and had a fear of flying, lifts and going on the tube – she felt trapped and said this was holding her back in life, and had done for the past 40 years.

We worked together to free her from this fear: I helped her using hypnosis and NLP skills combined with coaching/counselling skills to take back control of her anxiety of being trapped. During a session, where I regressed Ros back to the origninal event that created this fear and anxiety, she realised it was when she was being born and had got stuck, which was frightening for her. Her fear had been born! I am pleased to say that Ros has now booked a holiday abroad and will be flying next year. To hear more about how transformational, she found the sessions with me click on her interview below:

Interview with ROS

AJ’s story – Summer 2015 – Fear of Heights

AJ came to see me about his fear of heights that he had experienced for many years. He felt that this fear was limiting him as he said he could not even go to the top of a tall building comfortable, and he had always had a dream of wanting to be able to overcome this fear and do a skydive. After just 5 sessions and with full commitment from AJ, he decided he was ready to fulfill his dream and has kindly shared the pictures with me and given permission for me to share them. He said it was a wonderful experience and he raised £1600 for charity too!

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Alex’s Story –   11th January 2014 – Anxiety & Insomnia

Alex came to see me at the beginning of December 2013 suffering with re-occurring anxiety, which was making it difficult for her to sleep. This in turn was making her anxiety worse. She was starting to worry about everything, including everyday matters and it was causing issues at home and resulting in her having to take time off work. She said that she had been suffering with stress, and instead of being able to sleep at night, she was waking up in the middle of the night and starting to go over and over all the things she was worrying about in her mind. She felt that she had no way of releasing the stress that was building up and she wanted to stop “thinking” about everything all the time. She wanted an “off” button for her brain and to be able to feel more positive about life again.

Alex had 3 sessions with me and on her 3rd session she said she felt “normal” again. She was sleeping properly and managing to get to sleep and stay asleep all night comfortably. You can hear more about how Alex’s sessions with me helped her to overcome her anxious thoughts here : ALEX’S SESSIONS WITH MARIA

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Gary’s Story – March 2015 – Fear of Heights

Gary came to see me with a fear of heights that had been with him since childhood – for over 50 years in fact. He said that this had held him back throughout his life and wanted to change it with my help. He had an exciting holiday booked in the near future and he wanted to be able to enjoy his holiday fully with his family, and not to be feeling anxious about some of the activites that involved heights. Even on an everyday level, this anxiety was affecting him. He worked in a very tall building; he found it increasingly difficult to drive on flyovers because of his anxiety and he was unable to cross a bridge because of his fear. After only 6 sessions with me, Gary was able to conquer his fear and anxiety in order to be able to climb to the top of SKYDECK in New Zealand and take in the amazing views with his family: something he would never before ever been able to imagine. To hear more about how anxious Gary used to be and how this has changed as a result of our sessions, click:  GARY’S INTERVIEW

Coral’s Story 2014 – 2015  – Anxiety about flying

Coral came to see me with a terrible fear of flying, which prevented her from being able to go on holiday with her family. She had at one point even got to the airport with her family for a holiday to an exotic destination and at the last minute, due to the intensity of her anxiety, had been unable to board the plane. This sadly resulted in the whole family having to cancel their holiday and resulted in much upset and disappointment. However, this event made Coral realise that she needed help to overcome and deal with her fear of flying, so she came to see me. As a result of our sessions together, Coral was able to go on two flights since she started her sessions and said  her experience was completely different. She said that she now has the tools to help herself and the way that she thinks and feels about flying has changed. Subsequently, she has been able to fly on the dream holiday with her family. To listen to more from Coral about her story and about how she felt these sessions with me benefited her and helped her to deal with her anxiety click:  Coral’s Interview