The Virtual Gastric Band (also known as the hypno-gastric band) is an alternative method of weight loss, where with client *commitment, weight loss can be steady and on-going. I have been trained by Dr Keith Hearne of the European College of Hypnotherapy in this technique.

The surgical gastric band operation involves placing a silicon band around the upper part of the stomach, (see diagram below), which creates a pouch, only capable of holding a small amount of food. After eating, the food enters this small pouch and gives you a feeling of “fullness” which means that you are satisfied more quickly and hence eat smaller portions and less food.

Although the surgical gastric band operation is highly successful in many cases, the drawbacks are that it is costly (around £10,000), it involves surgery and there can be complications. As a result of these drawbacks, the Hypno gastric band is an effective, alternative weight loss option.

 The Hypno gastric band uses Hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to take you through a virtual gastric band “operation” but without the fears, risks, costs and side effects of going through the actual surgical procedure. *For successful results you will need to be committed to making appropriate changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. Even if you had a surgical gastric band and still consumed unhealthy food albeit in smaller quantities, or excessive calories, you would not maintain good health and weight.

The Benefits of Having the Virtual Gastric Band

  • It offers results without excessive dieting *
  • It is safe, no complications
  • It is cost effective (financial investment is significantly less than the surgical price!)
  • There is no invasive surgery
  • No discomfort and no time off work for recovery
  • You can eat normal healthy food afterwards- no more costly or faddy diet food!
  • No more starving and excessive counting calories

One of the key elements of this programme is that I will work with you to address issues which have caused you to over eat and put on weight in the first place, ** helping you to resolve them so that you can make different choices about how you behave in relation to food and dieting.

Note: **Additional sessions may be added if necessary to further address any underlying issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Virtual Gastric Band Programme involve?

In the initial consultation session, we will discuss your eating habits, your BMI (Body Mass Index), what weight loss methods you have tried already, your health and wellbeing, and attitude towards food. This will enable us to check that you are suitable for the gastric band programme and that the programme is personally tailored to suit your individual needs.

In subsequent sessions, appropriate issues will be addressed, and you will be taken through the process of having a virtual gastric band fitted under hypnosis. Your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller: this results in you feeling less hungry and therefore needing less food. You will be more in control of your food consumption.

How Many Sessions is the Programme?

The virtual gastric band consists of an initial consultation session followed by 5 confidential sessions, face-to-face. Additional sessions may be added by agreement to deal with any additional weight related issues. The initial consultation session is 1 ½  hours and each session thereafter is one hour.

Alternatively, if you are working with me having the Weight Hypnotherapy and YOU (WHY Programme) Sessions  you may like to add this programme on at the end. In this scenario as underlying issues will be dealt with during the previous sessions, you will only need two additional sessions for the Virtual Gastric Band programme and hence the programme will be discounted accordingly.

Am I Suitable for the Virtual Gastric Band Programme?

If you are over-weight, have been struggling with weight loss and are serious about wanting to lose weight, then you should be suitable. The only exception would be if there are deep rooted psychological reasons for your weight issues, which would need to be cleared first or if you are taking certain medications. Like all weight loss programmes there will need to be a commitment from you to make appropriate changes to your eating strategy and behaviours, to achieve results.

Will it Work for Me?

The key to success in any programme of weight loss is YOU. NO weight loss system will be successful unless you are committed to achieving results and you are prepared to make the changes to your eating habits and lifestyle to facilitate this. However, this programme is not a diet, so you will not feel deprived, have to starve yourself or feel hungry to participate in it.


Added Hypno Gastric Band to WHY programme. Portion sizes changed and she felt her full up signal sooner

Listen Here

Sarah A

Eating 1/3 or what she could eat previously

It was amazing, after the band was “inserted” I couldn’t eat like I used to. I felt really full up on a third of what I used to eat.

BG - Nurse

Change in her eating habits

After the virtual “operation”, I could not stand putting even the smallest amount of fat in my mouth. Even fat on meat made me want to spit it out.