Maria translates insights from Psychology and Neuroscience into practical strategies that support health and well-being, particularly to manage stress and anxiety. A long time advocate of self-compassion and life strategies for self -management through the challenges that life brings, to combat stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Maria emphasizes the importance of empowering her clients to believe in themselves, so that they can go on and cope successfully with life, as being a crucial factor in their ability to deal with anxiety and stress. Maria teaches you how to be a friend and mentor to ourselves rather than equalizing self-control with self-criticism.

Maria says “As an Integrated NLP Hypnotherapist, Weight and Well-being Coach for Women and Business Trainer,  I am able to offer my clients a lot more than just Hypnotherapy.

I have a huge professional tool box of skills to draw from so  I am not limited by the boundaries of one single approach: this means that I offer you a bespoke service to address your individual issues and needs. Unlike many other Hypnotherapists, I have the skills to teach you powerful self-managment tools; showing you how to take back control of your anxiety, eating or confidence issues and this is the “difference that makes the difference!”
This is what one of my clients,  Nicci,  summed up about my skills:

” Maria is extremely accomplished in so many different techniques as well as Hypnotherapy. She has all these skills at her fingertips so can use them to best effect on whatever your issue.”

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I am a professionally qualified Hypnotherapist, Licenced IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapist) , Master Practitioner of NLP with over 19 years experience, and use Counselling skills, Coaching Skills and Emotional Freedom Techniques as part of my work with you. Integrating these professional skills enables us to work together to get results in a way that most hypnotherapists are not able to.

I specialize in working with clients who suffer with Anxiety, Phobias, Confidence & Stress related issues. However, I also work with Weight Loss and clients who wish to give up smoking, as well as  issues such as sleep problems, unwanted habits like nail biting and many other issues.   I am passionate about working to support clients overcome and deal with their anxiety as this is something I personally suffered with in my late teens and early 20’s. It was debilitating and it was my own personal journey trying to find a way to overcome my anxiety that led me into this field of work. I know now that with the right intervention and with the right skills anxiety can be managed differently: I work with you to overcome general anxiety disorders, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts and can teach you the skills to deal with your anxiety, so that it is no longer controlling you or your life and to build your confidence again.

As well as working with my own clients,  I also  train and mentor other Therapists in their business practice, supporting, mentoring and helping them to develop, so that they can reach out and help more clients.

I balance empathy and warmth with professionalism to work with you to get the results that you desire.

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As a Weight Loss & Well-being Coach and Hypnotherapist, I am passionate about empowering as many people as possible to get healthier, feel good about themselves mentally and physically and to achieve their goals.

If you are struggling with weight loss; wish you had more energy; or could do with reducing stress in your life, then I’d like to offer you my free e-guide:

“10 Simple Steps to a Leaner, Healthier You!”

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In this e-guide, I’ll share 10 simple, practical, and very effective ways to implement healthier habits that will benefit you.Whether your goals include weight loss, feeling more energetic or reducing stress, you’ll find some great tips in the guide that you can start using TODAY.

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