If you feel that your confidence needs building, or that you are low in self-esteem, you are not alone. Many people in life lack confidence and this is not proportional to a person’s abilities. In fact, there are people who are extremely talented and able but they lack the self- confidence to express their talents to the world.

If you doubt yourself and don’t feel confident, then you will know already how those feelings hold you back and directly impact on your actions and behaviour in certain areas of your life

While the process of attaining self-confidence starts from childhood, the good news is that self-confidence can be learned and developed as an adult.

If you are experiencing any of the following:

o A major confidence crises perhaps in a particular area of your life

o A lack of faith in yourself about taking on new challenges

o Difficulty asserting yourself

o Low self-esteem and limited self-belief

o Lack of confidence about public speaking

o Lack of confidence in social situations

then Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching may be a way forward for you to build confidence and self-esteem.

Although sessions are aligned to each client’s individual needs, typically confidence sessions with me may include:

  • Building a strong internal coach to stop the negative critic
  • Increasing self-belief
  • Developing positive through processes
  • Learning how to create strong states of confidence (like a confidence button)
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Learning relaxation
  • Overcoming fear
  • Breathe and posture work
  • Releasing self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Self-confidence isn’t about being loud, brash or pushy,  nor is it about power dressing or attention seeking.  Self-confidence is an attitude;  it’s about having a positive belief that you can take control of your life;  it’s about feeling that you can do something and taking action to do it;  it’s about believing in yourself so that you can support and manage yourself through the challenges of life to achieve your own potential.

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If you would like to develop this sort of attitude and self -belief and feel that you could do with support in helping you to feel more confident, then take that first step now, by ringing me  on 020 8395 5471 or email me at . If you would like more information or to find out about the cost of sessions then do feel free to make your enquiry via my contact form.