Coaching is a skill that I integrate into all areas of my work as a therapist.

However, I currently offer two stand-alone Coaching programmes

The Pause Coaching programme is for you if:

  • Your life feels like a never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities that you have to do
  • You are feeling burned out, under pressure and there is no time for you
  • Your stress levels are increasing, it's relentless and you are exhausted
  • You feel the need to "keep going" "be successful" to keep the plates spinning
  • You have lost your sparkle, your balance and zest for life

If you feel that you identify with some or all of these, then I'd like to invite you to take some time to pause... to work with me to create some time for you to take a breath to reflect, re-energise and reset.

Pause offers you the chance to "wake up" from the struggle of survival, empowering you to practice self-care and self-leadership, allowing you to create stability, life balance and well-being, so that you can flow more freely and fluidly again.

  • Just 6 sessions
  • Face to face or online via Zoom
  • Supporting you to create an inner well of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual strength to sustain health and wellbeing to draw upon in your daily life.

Pause gives you the stability and foundation to create the balance you seek in your life, offering you strategies to support yourself and manage your energy, a better understanding of yourself, and the inner resources to support you through your challenges.

If you feel the need to Pause, then