Our habits play an important part in our health and wellbeing.  And sometimes we create certain habits that we feel are not good for us or harm us in some way.

Habits arise out of repetition or when enjoyable events trigger the brain’s “feel good/reward” system. The brain releases a chemical called dopamine and it is this “feel good” chemical that can set up potentially harmful habits: our brain’s reward system keeps us craving the things we are trying to resist.

Most people try to use willpower to stop these habits and behaviours, but on its own this is not enough in most cases. This is where hypnosis and NLP can be effective in supporting you to overcome these types of negative habits, especially in the way I integrate these skills with Coaching skills: I work with you both on a conscious level, with your logical brain and on a subconscious level to help bring about change, as well as dealing with any underlying issues that are sustaining these bad habits.

These can be habits like:

  • Nail biting
  • Addiction to fizzy drinks
  • Hair pulling
  • Skin picking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Sugar addiction
  • Social media obsession
  • Poor time management

If you have a certain habit that you feel you would like to change, or if there is something else that you feel you would like to work through, then contact me and we can discuss what is possible.

Maria helped me to deal with the underlying issue that made me drink so much and so regularly. I am more in control and feel much better about myself and my life.


I work in a professional capacity and my nails are constantly on show. I felt my nail biting was letting me down. In just 3 sessions I changed this habit and now have hands that I am proud of.


The first step is to book a consultation call with me – there is no charge for this. Contact me on 020 8395 5471 or use the contact form, an we can arrange a convenient time to talk.