Are you Suffering from a Lack of Energy?

Have you ever watched a group of children at play and wished you could find a way to bottle their energy? They seem to have an endless supply of it.

Yet for many women, especially those that are approaching the menopause, there can be a real feeling of depletion in energy; in fact even a total feeling of exhaustion. Whilst there are supplements that can help that feeling of depletion, there are some other simple things that you can do, to conquer that feeling of fatigue, whether you are a menopausal woman or not. Just follow some of these basic tips and notice how these can lift your energy levels and make you feel good about yourself:

1. Control blood sugar levels. Consuming a large meal raises your blood sugar levels. Healthy eating is so important and so is eating at regular intervals: eating 3 small meals a day with two to three healthy snacks in between can help regulate your blood sugar levels and your energy.

2. Be aware of your snacks. It is so easy when you are feeling tired, to reach for the first snack that comes to hand: this can often be a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate, but whilst these will give you a quick boost, it won’t last and you will end of feeling more tired than you were before. You will also be craving the same kind of junk food more often.

3. Plan ahead. If you know that you are going to be out and about, then plan to take some healthy snacks with you, rather than relying on the instant stuff you can buy from a vending machine or at a garage. Pack some crudities or some crunchy apple slices to refuel you in between your meals. Both healthier and cost effective!

4. Stay hydrated. If you are not drinking enough fluid (and I don’t mean carbonated drinks or caffeine laden tea and coffee!) then you will start to feel dehydrated and tired. Drink plenty of water, carry a bottle of filtered or spring water with you and keep refilling during the day.

5. Exercise. I know that this is often the last thing you fancy doing when you feel exhausted, but taking regular exercise in my own experience, has really boosted my physical and mental energy. Find something you enjoy doing and aim to exercise at least 3 times per week.

Although over doing it with too much exercise can wear you out, moderate and consistent exercise is a great way to increase your energy levels. However, with all exercise, do check with your GP first to ascertain what it appropriate and safe for you.

Just implementing a couple of this tips should help you to notice an increase in energy.

If you are feeling low in energy, flat and exhausted all the time, as well as having some checks with your GP, it may be worth making contact to see how I can help you. Drop me a message via my contact form.