Avoid Dieting Deprivation!

How to eat chocolate & still lose weight

By now many of you will be thinking about Summer holidays and wondering how you can lose weight to fit in to your swimsuit ready  for the beach. Others will be giving themselves a hard time, berating themselves that they have failed on their New year diet and haven’t managed to lose much weight. The fact is that being on a “diet” usually means depriving yourself of the foods you love, or of certain groups of food.

Many of the “modern” diets advocate cutting out entire food groups such as “carbs” or “fat”. This type of regime tends to be very impractical, especially if you are a busy woman, on the run between home and work, juggling all your commitments and often not having the time to plan ahead.

Actually, cutting out entire food groups is also unhealthy. The key to losing weight is “moderation, not deprivation!” Eliminating entire food groups can create nutritional imbalances and can leave you feeling tired, grumpy and hungry.

Far better to enjoy your food and give yourself permission to eat all the foods you enjoy in a balanced way. I know myself that the times in the past when I have told myself “Right I am giving up chocolate!” what happens? I constantly thought of chocolate, dreamt of chocolate, and craved chocolate, until I used to “give in” and eat a mountain of chocolate and then beat myself up mentally with guilt! It really doesn’t have to be like this.

If you need to learn a “balanced way” of eating the types of food you enjoy then read more

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