Get writing to lose weight!

orange WLossWhen you are struggling with weight loss, it’s amazing how difficult it can be to recall exactly what we have eaten in a day, let alone apply that to remembering the last 7 days. A really proven tip to help with losing weight is: “Write it down!”

Studies have shown that people who write down what they eat and when they eat and why they eat, are more likely to have success at losing weight. It is also an easy way to track what foods you are actually eating. Many of us don’t realise what we eat during the day, and it is so easy to forget that odd biscuit or extra couple of sweets!

This is something I encourage all my clients to do at the start of their programmes with me. It enables us both to see what is going on and particularly to notice any patterns that are forming around eating for emotional reasons, or at certain times of the day due to tiredness or a slump in energy and attention. It also enables us to see clearly what habits are operating which are contributing to being overweight and to identify any cravings for certain types of food.

Try it for a week and you may be surprised to see exactly what you have been eating or putting in your mouth unconsciously!

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