Are you a Weight Loss Winner?

One new subscriber to my Diet Buddy Programme: How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight is not only going to lose weight on this programme, but they are going to save pounds! They are the prize draw winner for January 2014 to have their 6 month subscription refunded in full.

The video below shows the prize draw taking place today:

However, even if you didn’t win the prize draw, you can still be a winner in terms of losing your excess weight.

The Diet Buddy Programme is a unique on-line weight loss coaching programme that deals with your habits, behaviours and emotions around food, which are causing you to be over weight, or obese.

This is what this programme deals with:

  • Self -sabotage patterns of behaviour around food and eating
  • Emotional triggers which make you eat
  • Creating & embedding more successful and effective eating habits
  • Motivation to lose weight
  • Taking control of your portion sizes
  • Removing the guilt from eating, so that you can start enjoying the pleasure of food again, including the foods you love
  • Creating lasting weight reduction results

It will also fully explain why dieting leads to failure, and will reveal the success formula for weight loss.

In just 7 easy to follow on-line modules, that you can work through at your own pace, in your own time and in your home or office, on your mobile when on the beach, 24/7 during your 6 month subscription, you will be taken through a step by step process, which will enable you to change your relationship with food and eating. You will be able to can create and embed unconsciously new, more effective habits, which will support weight loss and enable you to create lasting results without dieting or deprivation.

If you have already failed on your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and feel ready to try a different approach to  reducing your excess weight, which will also enable you to get healthier, have more energy and feel good about yourself, then this is the programme for you.

Just click on the Diet Buddies Logo to take a look at further information about what other people have achieved from following this programme and how in 2014 you can become a weight loss winner!  Medium Diet Buddies

“Here’s to your Weight Loss success!”

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