Is fear of Public Speaking Holding you Back in your Career?

Epsom, Surrey Hypnotherapy for fear of public speakingDoes the fear of standing up at work and either presenting to colleagues or to clients fill you with dread? Are you a teacher who feels confident teaching a class, but dreads doing assemblies or presentations to the Senior Management Team or parents? Does the thought of having to give a presentation at an interview make you start quaking at the knees?

If you can answer yes to any of the above you are not alone! Public speaking is sited as a number 1 fear for a lot of people. If you would like to learn how to present confidently and with credibility; if you would like to be able to control your anxiety, so that your voice doesn’t wobble, your hands don’t shake and so that you can actually calmly give the presentation you have planned to give, then help is at hand. Maria Furtek, Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Coach who works with Corporate clients and Teachers from Epsom, Sutton and the surrounding areas shares her experience of working with clients to help them overcome this professional fear. Read more:

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