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Epsom Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you have tried dieting as a way of trying to lose weight, then you will know how very lonely and miserable it can be: being the only one at home who, because of the “regime” you have chosen, cannot eat certain foods. At work when it is somebody’s birthday, you may be the person saying that you can’t eat cake because “I am on a diet!” and then there is the chore of having to cook separate meals from the rest of your family, or preparing bizarre combinations of food that you wouldn’t actually choose to eat and will not continue to eat once you “finish” your diet.

Add to that the weekly embarrassment of attending the “weigh in “ meetings, where it can feel that everyone else is doing well and you have only lost a half pound- the person sitting next to you telling you how brilliantly she is doing and how she has lost numerous pounds in the last week! It is no wonder that people fall off the bandwagon with the whole diet regime. Yes, of course you can lose weight on a diet, but for the majority of people it is not a “way of life” that they would want to adopt.

Losing weight really doesn’t need to be such a battle. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then one of the important areas to address are your habits and behaviour around food and eating.

Once you start to address your eating habits and behaviour around food, it becomes a natural step for your weight to change and for it to be easier to manage. Working through your challenges with other people who are also addressing their habits and behaviour around food of course makes the journey far more enjoyable and less lonely. Indeed studies have shown that working through your weight loss challenges with a friend, really does make a difference to your success rate and ability to maintain motivation to shed your excess weight. This is why my “Diet Buddy” programme “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight” offers you the chance to work personally and confidentially through your 7 on-line coaching modules, exploring your eating habits and behaviour and also offers you the opportunity to “buddy up” with another Diet Buddy (ie someone else working through the programme, or even a lot of people working through the same programme) to offer you continued support, inspiration and the ability to motivate yourself and others by sharing in the confidential forum. It is like having a wise friend always on tap, 24/7 via the interaction and engagement in the on-line forum: you don’t even have to leave your house to participate! No more embarrassing public weigh ins or competition with other members! If you are fed up with struggling with your weight, and feeling lonely and disillusioned with dieting and would like to find out more about the very affordable 6 month Diet Buddy Programme and how you could benefit from this personally, then click on the logo below:

Medium Diet Buddies

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