Measuring Weight Loss Success

Epsom Hypnotherapy for weight loss Get motivated to Lose Weight for ChristmasIf you are working to lose weight, do you weigh yourself? How do you measure your results? Measuring your success is important and can help to really keep you motivated.

However, some people are on and off the scales constantly and become obsessed with the number registering on the scale. Whilst weighing yourself can be useful, it is probably best to weigh yourself once a week, at a similar time, on the same set of scales, wearing similar clothes. This gives you one way to bench mark how you are doing. If you jump on and off the scales every day it can demoralise you, as sometimes you may have more water retention or may have eaten something the night before that was a heavier meal. So you don’t get a true reading by doing this. Indeed, I weighed myself this morning and then went to the gym. By the time I had come back, having drunk lots of water, I weighed myself again and actually weighed one pound heavier. Now if I was using this as a guide, I would have felt demoralised and maybe would even have decided that the gym was not a good option for me! Thankfully this was just an experiment as I tend to use a mixture of ways to bench mark weight.

So what are some of the other ways of measuring your weight loss success?

Some people have a real dislike of stepping on the scales, because it triggers emotions or embarrassment from the past; perhaps even being weighed at school in front of other students. Other ways to measure weight loss success is to monitor how your clothes feel; are they feeling loser or more comfortable? Are you having to buy smaller sizes now? How does it feel to experience the material against your skin, perhaps now because you are wearing less “tent-Like” clothes and instead are wearing clothes that skim your body more.

Another way is to take a tape measure at the beginning of your weight loss journey and measure parts of your body: your arms, bust, thighs, hips etc and make a note of these measurements. A month later take the measurements again and see what has changed.

Another way for some people to measure weight loss success, is to measure how they feel internally: do your knees ache less? Do you feel a feeling of lightness in side? Can you move your body more freely?

Yet again, other people measure their success by the comments they get from others as they lose weight: receiving compliments about how well they look , or how much weight they have lost; how slim they are looking and how they look sexy in their new outfit.

So what works for you? How will you measure and record your success as you lose weight and maintain it?

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