What Motivates You to Lose Weight?

Epsom, Sutton, Surrey Hypnotherapy for weight lossAs we discussed in my last blog, it It can often be difficult to take that first step and get started with weight loss. So what motivates most women to take the plunge, and get started on a weight loss programme?

Most recently, after the Summer, several of my new clients have contacted me because they have seen an unflattering photograph of themselves on the beach, on holiday in Summer: they were shocked at how much weight they were carrying, and hadn’t realised that they looked so large!

Many of my female clients have told me in the past, that they embarked on their Weight Hypnotherapy and You programme with me because they had caught sight of their reflections in a shop window, when shopping and thought “Oh my goodness, who is that? It’s me!” and this had helped them to make the decision to take action. Other clients have shared with me that when going out to buy new clothes and standing in the harsh glare of the changing room light, seeing their lumps and bumps, has helped them decide to do something about their weight. Other clients have described how they have noticed their health is starting to suffer because of their weight; perhaps their doctors have advised them that they are one step away from diabetes or they have noticed that their knees are aching from carrying the extra weight and are finding it hard to move so flexibly. These women all have an “away from “ motivation which has sparked their weight loss programme with me. That is to say, their motivational trait involves them moving “away” from pain, from something they don’t want and don’t like (pictures, reflection, seeing lumps and bumps, the thought of being ill).

Another form of motivation is a “towards” motivational trait in relation to weight loss. These are my clients who want to lose weight for a specific event, like a wedding, holiday or for Christmas; they may have decided to get fitter and say run a marathon, or just want to be around for their children as they grow up and have the fitness and energy to play with them. This type of motivation is a “towards”  motivation because they have a positive goal that they want to move towards in terms of achieving their weight loss results.

Knowing which type of motivational trait you have in relation to weight loss can be incredibly helpful, not only in getting started on your weight loss programme, but also in continuing with it. This is something that I, as a weight loss Hypnotherapist and Coach, can identify and utilise with my clients to continue to motivate them to achieve the results with their weight loss that they are looking for; so that they feel determination when they meet challenges and can remind themselves exactly what they are wishing to achieve.

How to work out your own motivational strategy with weight loss:

  • So if you are struggling with your motivation and losing weight, grab a piece of paper and a pen right now, and brainstorm all the reasons why you want to shed those excess pounds.
  • Then work out which reasons are the highest priority; which ones resonate with you more than the others? Which do you feel will really make a difference to you? Which do you see will make the most difference on your life?
  • Then work out if you are moving away from something, like bad health, pain, something you don’t want or like, or whether you are a “move towards” motivational person ie is a big goal in the future encouraging you to lose weight?
  • Once you have identified this, use this to help keep you motivated on your weight loss programme: when you feel disheartened, give yourself a good talking to using your motivational strategy ie reminding yourself of what you don’t want or telling yourself of what you do want! Try it, you will be amazed at the difference it will make!

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