Post Summer Makeover

Sutton, Epsom, Surrey Hypnotherapy for weight lossThe first day back at school has come and gone, and sadly so have the Summer holidays. Like many mums with young children the focus through the holidays has been on keeping the children happy, entertained and enjoying their holidays. However, now it is time to take stock and focus on you, especially if you have put on a few pounds over the Summer holidays. Lots of BBQ’s , treats, and eating out can certainly take their toll. Routine often goes out of the window during the Summer holidays, as does food shopping. I have noticed this year that I haven’t done “big, organised” shops like I normally do, during these holidays and certainly once we came back from our Summer holiday away, I noticed that I didn’t have the usual “stock” of healthy foods in my cupboards and fridge.

So if you are suffering with the Summer food overload, it’s time to makeover your cupboards and fridge. Take stock of what you have in them in preparation for getting back on track with your weight loss and healthy eating.

These are my post Summer makeover tips:

1) Go through your fridge and ditch the Summer BBQ left overs, freeze them, throw them or give them away.

2) Clear out your cupboards and get rid of those picnic choccie bars and crisps – put them in a container where you won’t see them, and so won’t be tempted.

3) Sit down and  plan your healthy meals for the week ahead.

4) Make a shopping list and stock your cupboards/fridge with lovely healthy foods and snacks.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at getting started on your weight loss journey, motivation, commitment and mindset. So if you are serious about losing weight (maybe in time for the next holiday season of Christmas!) then remember to come back and have a read.

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