Life’s a Beach!

If you are in the process of losing weight and have not yet achieved the final weight that you would like to be, and you are worrying about baring all on the beach this summer, don’t worry! Help is at hand here, as Sutton, Surrey Epsom, Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, Maria Furtek shares her Summer Bikini Body Beach ready tips.

  1. Prepare Your Mindset
    If you are feeling anxious about baring all on the beach, it is worth checking what you are thinking and saying to yourself in you own mind. Are you making pictures of all the other women, who you imagine to be on the beach,  looking like Baywatch babes? Are you thinking negatively about yourself and hearing yourself say things like, “I can’t wear a swim suit, I’ll look like a beached whale! Look at my cellulite and my fat tummy?” or do you just get tummy wobbles at the mere thought of donning a bikini and baring your body?Well the reality is that this is all to do with your mindset and thoughts rather than the “real” world! In the real world, it is likely that whichever beach you go on, there will be a mixture of different people, who are all different shapes and sizes. In fact, research has shown that more women are a size 14 than a size 10. But these are just numbers aren’t they really. What matters is that you are stopping yourself from feeling confident by the way you think. So read through the rest of the tips below, to help you build your confidence about getting in to your swimsuit on the beach. Know that if you are in the process of losing weight, then you are doing your best and congratulate yourself on what you are achieving.
  2. Buy a beautiful swimsuit.
    Buy a swimsuit for you that you love, and that flatters your shape. Choose something in a colour that you adore. Choose an all in one or takini if you are not so confident about your tummy. When you have purchased this beautiful swim wear, I want you then to take a few moments to imagine yourself wearing it, walking tall and confidently in it, and imagine yourself by the pool sunbathing or on the beach wearing this beautiful garment. Make the picture a rich one. Think about it as if you were actually there, looking out through your own eyes now, seeing what you might see, hearing all the sounds of the beach or pool and feeling confident. Practise this a few times before you go away to really boost your confidence!
  3. Exercise your Confidence
    If you have a few extra weeks before you go on holiday, try to step up your exercise (ensure that what you do is safe for you by checking with your GP first if you are unsure, or haven’t exercised for a while) Walk a little more, go to a couple of extra classes, enjoy a swim – get your butt moving and you will feel even better about getting on to the beach.
  4. Hydrate your skin
    Especially in the hot weather, it is important to drink plenty of fluids (we are not talking alcohol here!) Drink plenty of water to ensure that you stay hydrated which will positively affect your skin, keeping it clear and fresh.
  5. Fake it
    Adding some colour to your skin will give you a healthy glow and instantly make you look slimmer, as well as hiding any cellulite that you may be worrying about. A fake tan or a spray tan can work wonders for your confidence, but remember to use sun protection when you are out in the sun.