5 More Tips to Crush Your Cravings & Lose Weight

Sutton, Epsom Surrey Weight Loss HypnotherapyFollowing on from last weeks blog about cravings, one of the best ways of beating those cravings is to engage in activities that bring you  a sense of personal enjoyment, pleasure and well-being. Being in a happier, more peaceful state generally will help you to lower your cravings, which are usually triggered by negative emotions and feelings. Increasing feelings of happiness will decrease the intensity of your cravings.

Be Inspired:

One of the first ways of helping you to beat your cravings before they beat you is to be inspired by how other people have lost weight. Reading about their journey to achieving results can be an inspiration to your mind and behaviour.Read biographies and accounts of how other people have achieved results, how they have managed their challenges and learn from their experiences.


Spend 10 minutes imagining yourself in your favourite, most relaxing place. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your favourite beach, in your favourite place where you feel relaxed and at ease. Go back there in your own mind, looking out through your own eyes as if you were actually there right now. What can you see?What can you hear? What are you feeling? Enjoy relaxing in this way and enjoying this sense of calm and well being.

Learn to Relax

When you are feeling stressed and tired, you are more likely to suffer with cravings. A substance called Cortisol increases your desire for carbs. Listening to music, according to various studies,can have a positive effect on this chemical in your body; music  is believed can actually decrease its production. Learning to relax relieves stress and will boost your energy levels.

Pamper Yourself

We spend so much time focusing on work, family and the needs of others, that often we forget about our own needs. Pampering yourself will make you feel good about yourself and will increase your desire and motivation to look after yourself by eating healthily and making different choices when those cravings strike!


Life can be very pressurised and we can get caught up in our own stresses and this can lead to cravings like chocolate, cake etc. Laughing is a wonderful counter balance to stress. Check out a comedy evening, meet up with friends who make you laugh and seek to bring more humour to your life in general.

Beat those cravings before they beat you!

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