Ditch the Diet Excuses

Maria Furtek Hypnotherapy for Weight LossEpsom, Sutton, Surrey based Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, Maria Furtek shares the 5 most common excuses why people don’t do something about losing their excess weight: showing you the way forward, beyond excuses, so that you can not only lose weight but improve your health and well being before it’s too late.

It is incredible how many overweight people, who are sincerely unhappy with the way they look and feel, make excuses to stop themselves doing something about it! So in this blog, I am going to reveal the 5 most common diet excuses and encourage you to see that it is time to stop! Losing weight, gaining more energy and better health is an investment in you and will positively affect all aspects of your life. So if you are guilty of making excuses as to why you can’t, or won’t lose weight, you seriously need to read on! By making these excuses, you are actually denying yourself your dreams.

1) I haven’t got enough time to lose weight! Ask yourself, have you got enough time to suffer from weight related illnesses in the future? Will it slow you down if you develop type 2 diabetes or have high blood pressure as a result of being overweight? It’s a bit like the warnings on the packet of cigarettes for smokers, we never think it will happen to us, but don’t be fooled. If you don’t look after your body, it really could lead to ill health. If you are a driver, would you drive your car without having it serviced, without a MOT and without ensuring that it is in good working order? Of course not! However, your body is a bit like a car –  it needs good quality fuel, it needs to be run out frequently and it needs to be looked after. So when it comes to this excuse, it is actually a contradiction: not taking care of your weight and health will cost you more time in the long run. If you really feel that you are too busy to attend a face-to-face weight loss hypnotherapy programme then you may like to look at my  Large Diet BuddiesRGB on-line programme: “How to Eat Chocolate and Still Lose Weight” .This is designed for busy people like you: for a small payment you get a subscription to the programme, and can then  access this 7 module weight loss coaching programme; you can work through this in your own time at your own pace, without feeling guilty that you have missed a meeting or webinar, and you won’t have to pay for travel. If you would like to stop making the “too little time excuse” and get on with losing weight, one step at a time, in your own time, without dieting then contact me now.

2) Too Old to Start! One wonderful factor about your health and well being, is that whatever you have done before, it is never too late to start taking better care of yourself and your body. In fact, losing weight, eating healthily, changing your lifestyle and habits can actually improve many of the health issues associated with being over weight and getting older. One of my oldest clients for my bespoke weight loss coaching programme was age 71 years young, and she not only managed to lose weight with my Medium WHYRGB    programme, but also improved the aches and pains in her knees, as she was no longer carrying her excess weight and putting pressure on her joints. (Click on the logo if you want to find out more about how the WHY programme can help you and stop making the excuse that you are too old, or that it’s too late).


3) I can’t stand depriving myself of my favourite foods! No body likes “going without” the things they love and enjoy, and this is the problem with many diets –  you have to avoid or ban certain foods. The way that I work with my clients on the diet buddy and WHY Programme is that no foods are banned – you can eat what you like, but you will find that in a short time your mindset changes and you will start to want to choose really healthy, nutritious food most of the time. You can still have chocolate, cakes, crisps or whatever,but  you will notice that you will start to choose these less often and when you do, a small amount will satisfy you. Eating in a different way means that you will actually start to enjoy food even more.

4) I don’t want to offend others by saying No!  True friends and the people that love and care about you will understand if you don’t want that cream cake, or if you ask for a small portion of trifle. Are you sure it is not just about you not wanting to make the changes that will help you to lose weight. Sometimes, although a part of you really does want to lose weight, there is another smaller part of you that will make this excuse because it is actually “you” that doesn’t want to change – maybe out of comfort, or fear, or self protection in some way. If you identify with this excuse and for this reason, then the Medium WHYRGB programme will help you to change this, so that all parts of you are singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak. If you really are worried about offending a friend or loved one, explain to them what you are working to achieve, and my guess is that they will be only too happy to support you.

5) I’ll never do it!  This excuse may simply be  a limiting belief. The truth is that if you are overweight you haven’t done it YET! If other’s can achieve weight loss then so can you! If you are using it as an excuse to simply not even bother to try, well then it can’t be that important to you. You actually have the power to make changes; certainly, you may need a little support, or guidance or coaching and that it where someone like me can make the difference. If you have a limiting belief I can help you explore this and help you change it so that it is no longer a negative driver for you. If your goal is not important enough or if you don’t hold it in your mind for long enough to stop you over indulging, then using the hypnotherapy and NLP skills in the way I do with weight loss, can make a big difference to your motivation. Having me there along side you, supporting, encouraging, believing in you and kindly “kicking your butt” if you need it ,does make a huge difference to you achieving your goals and  means that you have the skills to continue beyond the programme.

So if you have been in the habit of making any excuses that stop you from tackling your weight issues, then it is time to stop. Excuses lead to failure! Yes, you could have, should have, but you didn’t and now it is time to make it happen. Ditch the diet excuses and take that first step towards losing weight by contacting me either by phone for a no obligation chat or by using the contact form to find out more.  Quit pointing the finger of blame, feeling guilty, feeling miserable and take action today, right  now, to accomplish your dreams. It is possible and you can do it!

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