Weight Loss Tips for the Bank Holiday

weight loss tips barbequesWith the last May bank holiday fast approaching you may find yourself at a barbeque, weather permitting! With a bit of planning ahead, going to a bbq or indeed any bank holiday celebration, doesn’t have to spell doom and gloom if you are losing weight. Sutton, Epsom, Surrey Weight Loss Hypnotherapist, Maria Furtek shares some bank holiday tips to help you stay on track with your weight loss over the long weekend.

Although sadly the weather is not yet at its best,  and it certainly feels a little chilly for the month of May, it may well perk up by the bank holiday weekend. If this happens you can be sure that there may well be the opportunity of having, or attending a barbeque. It’s time to sit back, relax and spend the time in the great outdoors with the smell or charcoal in the air.

Barbeque, bar-b-cue or BBQ – no matter how you spell it, it comes down to the same thing: usually huge piles of meat and bowls of salad. Barbequing can actually be a healthy way to cook: cooking meats slowly and a good distance above the flames allows the fat to melt and drip away. But, like anything else, there are traps lurking at every corner, waiting to catch out the healthy eater.

One of the big problems with bbq’s is that there is usually a massive amount of food and lots of variety. It’s easy to lose track of what exactly you have eaten, as the food is often served as it is cooked rather than served in one go. Unfortunately, this can be a fatal trap for those of us watching our waistlines – a bit of this, a spoonful of that, just one of everything, please – it all adds up. If you add together, a burger, a sausage, a couple of pieces of chicken, oh and then the lamb cutlet, the handful of peanuts with pre- dinner drinks and then the spoonfuls of potato salad drenched in mayonnaise and the green salad tossed in copious amounts of oil laden dressing, plus the pudding and a couple of glasses of vino – it adds up to a lot of extra food. In fact, if you are actually counting calories you could easily turn your “healthy” bbq into a day’s worth of calories in one meal!

So if you are planning a bbq or attending one, how can you support your weight loss efforts, eat healthily and still have a wonderful time?

It’s easy when you know how. Take a look at the tips below to help you enjoy your bbq and keep on track with your weight loss and healthy eating:


1) Instead of tortillas, crisps and peanuts as a way of kicking of the day, whilst the food is being cooked, opt for some lovely crunchy crudities and perhaps a low calorie dip or low calories humus. Putting a teaspoonful of each on your plate and dipping your crudities, should enable you to see exactly how much you are eating.

2) Swap the fatty, less healthy burgers and sausages for chicken or fish choices. Or if you really do want burgers then make your own with some lovely extra lean mince.

3) Make a green salad and put the dressing in a jug, so that you can add a little if you wish to – rather than tossing the whole salad in dressing.

4) A wine spritzer or a spirit drink mixed with a low calories soft drink will go further and be less calorific.

5) And don’t forget veggies are fab on the barbie – make colourful kebabs with tomatoes, onions, courgette, mushrooms and peppers. If you like fish add a few king prawns for colour and flavour.

6) Boiled rice goes beautifully with fish and chicken and gives a clean taste or if you do want potato, try jacket potatoes with a little butter on the side.

 7) If you fancy a pudding, then either choose a lower calorie option such as fresh fruit salad, or meringue with fruit and low calories fromage frais, or if you really do want something a bit more calorific then either choose to have a small piece and savour it,  or share a pudding with your nearest and dearest. Often a little of what you fancy is enough to satisfy you, rather than depriving yourself altogether only to eventually cave in at the end of the evening and have two or three helpings and then feel bad about it!

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