Sutton, Surrey Weight Loss Hypnotherapist: How to Sizzle this Summer!

Sutton weight loss Hypnotherapist Maria Furtek shows you how to Slim for Summer

Easter has gone and hopefully so have all the Easter Eggs and chocolate, which should lessen the temptation to over indulge in a chocolate fest! I’ve had several new clients sign up to my  diet buddies programme, sutton weight loss hypnotherapy  programme this week. Two of my new diet buddies have said that they have holidays booked for the Summer and now want to concentrate on losing weight in preparation for the beach! They have both said that they want to be slim for summer! Slim is an interesting word that can mean many things to different people. So I thought it would be useful to have a think about what being slim means for you, if you are someone who is wanting to sizzle this summer!

Firstly, slim is not just a number on your scales or that you read in the label of your clothes! It is not about the cover girls on a magazine cover (who are usually airbrushed anyway!), It is not Victoria Beckham, the latest film star or celebrity.

SLIM is personal – it’s unique to each person, it’s being at a weight you feel happy at; it’s being at a weight that is positive for your health and well being, it’s being at a weight where your knees don’t constantly ache; it’s being able to run around after your children without getting breathless! Slim is a healthy weight that you will be able to achieve and maintain!

So with this in mind, let’s get real about your weight loss. Summer is approximately 12 weeks away and in this time you can achieve a short term goal, if you have a lot of weight to lose. However,  what a lot of slimmers do is this:


1) Decide to slim for Summer

2) Go on a diet and lose some weight

3) Go on holiday and enjoy eating and drinking whilst there (rightly so!)

4) Come back from holiday and stress out about the weight they have put on whilst on holiday

5) Go back on a diet and find it hard to stick to – get miserable- deprive themselves more –  get more frustrated

6) Fall off the diet and end up feeling overweight and mentally beat themselves up!


This type of weight loss does not lead to long term weight loss, in fact it leads to weight gain, misery and a feeling of failure.


My new diet buddies, who have joined the diet buddy on-line programme however, will be learning a new way to lose weight for the Summer and beyond. Their weight loss may go something like this:

Surrey weight Loss Hypnotherapist Maria Furtek diet buddy programme  WEIGHT LOSS PROCESS

1) Decide to lose weight for Summer & sign up to the  programme on-line

2) Listen to module 1 and start to think differently about the whole concept of losing weight.

3) Start doing a food diary and reflecting on your habits and behaviour in relation to eating.

4) Start tweaking your habits and behaviour and still have all the foods you love to eat in moderation. Weight starts to reduce slowly and ecologically as you work your way in your own time through the modules

5) Continue working through the 7 modules at your own pace, making changes to your mindset about food, and your behaviour and habits. Lose weight.

6) Go on holiday feeling slimmer and more in control of your eating. Enjoy eating and drinking on holiday. In fact, probably over indulge slightly less because you haven’t felt deprived before you went on holiday.

7) Come back from holiday and realise that you have put on perhaps a few pounds, but be confident in the knowledge that you have all the tools and resources you need to go back to your DIET BUDDY pre-holiday habits and behaviour around food. Re-listen to some of the modules and work through one or two again if needed.

8) Continue to slowly and ecologically shift the holiday weight and perhaps even a few more pounds as you eat normal, healthy food again in moderation.

9) Keep the weight off, knowing if you have any slip ups, you can simply re-vist a diet buddy module or audio again to support you at no additional cost.


Now which slimmer is going to achieve the long term goal of slimness, do you think?

Here are what some of my diet buddies have already shared about the programme:

“I am enjoying my food, snacking sensibly, and feeling less and less hungry in between meals each day. So all in all very happy with myself…
Also would like to say, that making these changes has not been as difficult as I ever imagined, its easy peasy! No more work than doing the food I was doing for the family before!” JC

“I found module 1 to be really insightful, it really helped me by having to think about what i want to achieve and why I want it. I feel like I have cleared my head and I’m ready to go”. VJ

“Managed to lose another 7lbs – going on holiday today – just going to enjoy”. RH


If you would like to find out more about the on-line diet buddy programme and you are wanting to sizzle for Summer, then please take a look here and if you think this could be for you then fill in the contact form or ring me on 020 8395 5471 and I can get you signed up within a few minutes.


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