How to Crack Easter without Piling on the Pounds



Easter is just around the corner, and with it comes the temptation of overindulging on all those choccolaty eggs and Easter treats.

Now as most of you know, as a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and Coach I do not believe in deprivation or “banning” certain foods or “dieting”. So by all means have a little of what you fancy: that is  normal and absolutely fine. Indeed, even mentally knowing that you have your own permission to have chocolate, or Easter cake or whatever it is for you, psychologically can sometimes just make it easier to have a little and not have to overindulge! However,  what if the temptation of Easter may just become a little too much for you? Are you someone who when faced with copious amounts of chocolate finds that their resolve “to be good” goes out of the window? If this is you, then read on.

If you really want to crack Easter and not sabotage all your weight loss efforts so far, then the tips below are specifically for you:

1) If you know that being bought lots of chocolate at Easter will result in you eating it all yourself and you feel that you won’t be able to control your chocolate intake, then how about asking for alternative Easter presents rather than chocolate eggs? How about some pretty flowers, or plants for the garden? What about a pedicure or manicure voucher, to get your hands and feet looking gorgeous as we are about to start showing them off more when the warmer weather comes!

2) If your family insist on buying you chocolate then share, share, share! Open that big yummy box and take a few that you wish to eat and then keep passing the box around until they are gone!

3) If you are worried about children’s chocolate hanging about well after Easter, set up a children’s chocolate tin, put all the remaining choccie in there and hide it well away from you. Would you really steal chocolate from your kids?

4) Remember that being overweight and having cravings is actually more about what is going on in your head rather than the food itself. So if you find yourself having a mental argument about eating Easter chocolate, have a little bit and see if you feel satisfied. If the answer is no and you are still dying for more (and you are not really hungry) then ask yourself what is this really about? What are you hoping that eating the chocolate will make you feel or what need do you think it will satisfy. Whatever, comes up deal with it in the best way you can, without eating more chocolate!

Now on this note, if you know that you are someone who struggles with their weight; you are fed up with being constantly on and off a diet; you struggle to keep off any weight you lose and end up piling it back on again; that you feel that you have lost sight of what it is to just “eat normally” ; you are constantly telling yourself either that “you must lose weight” or “ the diet starts tomorrow” and you find that you lack the necessary willpower to lose weight, then I would like to introduce you to my new on-line, very affordable coaching programme.

Maria Furtek Hypnotherapy on-line weight loss Hypnotherapy Sutton Programme

This is the first diet buddies Programme and it is called “How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight” This on-line programme is going to help you to transform your eating strategy and eating behaviour so that you will lose weight and keep it off in the long term without the pain of dieting. Working through the 7 professional on-line coaching modules at a pace that is right for you will enable you to gain greater awareness of your overweight eating habits, portion sizes and snack behaviour and will give you the self-understanding, tools and resources to make changes to these patterns of behaviour, using NLP and Hypnotherapy to support you.

The benefits of this programme are:

    • you can access your modules 24/7 365 days per year at a time that suits you. So if you are a busy person you can work through the programme when your children are in bed, or first thing in the morning or late at night or in your lunch break or whenever is the best time for you. You can access these from any computer with a password and username. You can even access the training on the run, via your mobile phone with internet access.
    • Once you have made the small investment in this programme, it is yours to keep forever – it is not time limited and you can return to the modules and refresh yourself in the future without any additional payment
    • An additional bonus is that you will be given confidential access to the on-line community so that you can “buddy up” with other people on the diet buddy coaching programmes. This enables you to receive additional support and encouragement, post questions, share your learnings and experience and learn from other people working with you on this programme, to lose weight as you will be doing.
    • You will also receive support on –line from me through the confidential diet buddy on-line community forum. I can  answer your questions, and check in on my diet buddies regularly to offer support encouragement, additional resources, and share new materials.

Just a one-off investment of only £24.99 will mean that when you join me on this  Coaching Programme How to Eat Chocolate & Still Lose Weight,

you will discover how to:

– Create a flexible eating strategy that enables you to socialise, enjoy life and still shed those extra pounds

– Stop obsessing about “being good” or feeling guilty about being “bad”

– Start working towards transforming your mindset and behaviour around food and food choices

– Get control of your portion sizes

– Create a snack attack button to help you to stop over eating and take back control.

Remember this is a one off investment of only £24.99. There are no additional costs! The beauty of this programme is that you will learn how to eat normally again, and we will work with your mindset, habits and behaviour so that you can lose weight and keep it off in the long term without any more dieting.

For more information, and to purchase this programme, contact me on or telephone me on 020 8395 5471.

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