What Women Dread Most At Christmas

As Christmas is less than a week away now, guess what it is that many women dread the most about Christmas?  No it’s not the in-laws coming to stay, nor the extra shopping or even the endless wrapping of presents. Actually, what women dread the most about Christmas, is trying to resist all that extra food.

What’s really interesting is that many women say that their ideal wish, if they had a magic wand,  would be being able to eat and drink whatever they wanted in the future without ever gaining weight. Not surprisingly, a high proportion of women say that losing weight will be highest on the list of their New Year’s Resolution for 2013!

Now obviously there is a lot of extra food around during the festive season and it seems an awful shame to be fretting and worrying about a few extra calories during a time of rest, relaxation and fun. This is where dieting can really negatively transform special occasions, parties and celebrations into a time of anxiety rather than a time of having fun. Depending on what type of “diet” you are following will depend on the type of anxious thoughts you may be having: if you are following a low calorie diet then you may be wondering “How many calories are in this starter or in the xmas pudding?” If you are counting points, then it can be a nightmare trying to work out how many points you have eaten and “pointing” the more unusual foods that you may encounter that also may not be a typical portion size; if you are following a diet where certain foods are forbidden, then this can be difficult during the festive season as the temptation creeps in, you succumb to it and eat the “forbidden” food and then the guilt follows and so the list of anxieties goes on…….

Many women that I work with are so relieved when I tell them it doesn’t have to be like this: there is an alternative way to lose weight, which doesn’t involve dieting or counting calories but does involve eating normal food and creating a balanced eating strategy: an eating strategy which means that there is no deprivation. So let me ask you this, would you like to be able to lose weight in a way that enables you to:

  • gain control of your eating and food choices
  • create a flexible eating strategy that means that you can socialise, enjoy life and still shed those extra pounds
  • be able to stop obsessing about “being good” or feeling guilty about “being bad” when it comes to food
  • create an overall healthy eating habit that enables you to maintain weight loss
  • stop supersizing your portions
  • create a snack control button so that you can stop overeating
  • eat normal healthy food, no more expensive diet foods or meal replacements
  • eat all foods – no more forbidden foods


If this is something you would be interested in discovering then I would like to reassure you that this really is possible. I have developed an affordable solution for you to learn how to do this, based on the results of my 1-1 weight loss coaching with my clients, and I will be sharing more about this new package in the New Year. So I’d like to invite you to either email me directly on mfurtek@blueyonder.co.uk or fill in my contact form here, or sign up to my newsletter so that you will be one of the first to hear about this in the New Year. (Especially if you know that you will be wanting to lose weight in 2013).

Now in the meantime,  it would be a real shame to ruin Christmas by worrying about a few extra calories here and there. My advice would be to:

  • try and make healthy choices where possible, (could you have more vegetables and less stuffing and sausages; go for a low fat cream or low fat fromage frais instead of rich double cream with your pudding)
  • balance your alcohol intake with soft drinks and water in between alcoholic drinks and
  • watch your portions. Ask yourself do you really need that extra helping or another chocolate? Would a treat size bar of chocolate satisfy you rather than a big bar? etc

It’s Christmas, so do allow yourself a few festive treats. Then you can start afresh with creating healthy habits in the New Year, so that by next Christmas, this will no longer be a worry for you!

Merry Christmas and I look forward to sharing more weight loss tips, advice, ideas and inspiration with you in 2013!


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