Stamp out Stress at Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly……….

Christmas is only 5 weeks away now and I bet like most women, you are juggling your normal daily pressures (work, family, health, home etc) with more pressure of buying presents, making shopping lists, writing cards, wrapping presents, more shopping, organising the social diary, sorting out relatives, more shopping, more wrapping…and so it goes on. I guess you get the picture. Christmas can be a really stressful time and the chances are that you will not have much opportunity to take time for you during these weeks leading up to the holidays. As the stress and pressure mounts, all the good habits you have created over the past few weeks may suddenly take second place and be pushed to the back of your mind. If this is usually you at Christmas, I want you to stop right now and take a nice deep breathe in and out………..then read on for some stress busting tips to help you keep sane and healthy over the Christmas period.

These tips below will help you to plan for a happy and active Christmas:


1) If you have forgotten that last minute present for Uncle George, then don’t panic – see it as an opportunity to get some stress relief. Pop your coat on and walk to the local shops to get him a bottle of something or some nice choccies. You get to exercise, breathe and take in some fresh air. As you walk, come into the present moment, noticing nature around you, the smell of the outdoors, the noises you can hear, the feeling of movement – all good stress relief.

2) The days between Christmas and New Year can be taken usually at a slightly slower pace. If you have kids why not plan some outdoor activities like a trip to the park, a game of footie or even a bike ride on that new bike. You will benefit from the activity too.

3) Instead of collapsing in front of the television after your big festive meal, why not get out for a brisk walk. This will clear your head, give you a break from the relatives (get you out of that game of trivial pursuit) and get your metabolism moving.

4) Meeting up with family and friends? Why not arrange a trip to the local leisure centre or a family hike somewhere. Visit a national trust property together, or a farm – better than all that eating and drinking at home.

5) Pop up ice rinks appear everywhere this time of year, why not join in the festivities and don a pair of skates. Imagine how much fun you’ll have wobbling and whirling round and round! (not to mention how much you will laugh at yourself and others wobbling round too!) Laughter is a fabulous way to relieve tension.

6) Pop some music on and boogie on down with the kids – a great mood lifter and good way to burn off those excess calories too.


Remember, every little counts. Exercising over the holidays will not only benefit your body but will also lift your spirits and benefit your mind: exercise releases adrenaline and endorphins, which increase responsiveness and provide a feeling of well-being. So plan for some exercise over the festive period because it will help you to unwind, relieve the pressure and help you to burn off all that excess food and drink!

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