How to Lose Weight Whilst Watching T.V.

One of the main reasons my clients give me as to why they cannot fit in exercise is because they simply do not have the time.  I totally understand what it is like to have a busy schedule and realise that it is not always easy to fit in regular exercise with all the other demands placed upon you: for many women the only time that you get to yourself is at the end of the day, late in the evening. I overheard a conversation between two mums watching their sons play rugby at the weekend and they were discussing this very topic. One of them said “The only time I get is when the kids are in bed and all I feel like doing then is flopping onto the sofa with a glass of wine and relaxing!” I accept that this is probably the same for most of you busy women and the last thing on your mind after a busy day working or looking after children, is the thought of rushing out to the gym: all you want to do is chill out in front of the television. Well, what if you could have your cake and eat it? (Excuse the pun!) What if you could enjoy watching the television and take some exercise too?

Consider this: in between every programme and usually at an interval of every 20-30 minutes there is usually a 3 minute break for the adverts. This could be the perfect opportunity to fit in a short workout! On average most adults watch between 3-5 hours of television a day and if instead of slumping on the sofa moaning about the adds you got up and did a few stretches, ran on the spot, lifted a few weights, did a few sit ups or did some ball exercise, you could notch up about 30 minutes of exercise in one evening watching T.V! This makes reaching the government recommendations for exercise (30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week) much more achievable.

Now I am not a personal trainer and like all exercise if you haven’t done it for a while you need to consult your GP and/or an exercise specialist or personal trainer to ensure that you are exercising safely and appropriately for you, but there are many exercises you could do in 3 minutes.

Additionally, there are also exercises that you could do whilst watching your favourite soap. I know two clients who cycle on a static bike whilst watching Corrie or Eastenders and another one does her stretches and pilates! They tell me that they find it easier to do their exercise when they are distracted. So with Christmas fast approaching and those cold winter evenings preventing you going to the gym, – there is no excuse: switch on your favourite programme and get exercising!

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