How Not to Trick or Treat Yourself on Halloween or on Bonfire Night

The witches and ghosts may come knocking on Halloween, prepared to be scared by the little blighters at your door. But wait,…. what is that other scary sight for all of you who are working to lose weight? Oh no!…….. it’s the pile of sweets calling to you from beside the door, sitting there all lonely waiting for the trick or treaters!  Listen, can you hear their ghostly cries of “Eat me! Eat me!”

If you can hear their wails and tempting cries enticing you to munch you way through the pile of chocolate and sweets before the Halloween trick or treaters even knock, then you must read on. Ignore at your peril! I am going to tell you how to stop those sweets from tricking you into eating them:

1) Do not allow the pile of chocolates to be sitting there at the end of the evening. If there are some left over then do the following:
a) bag them up and give them to a neighbours’ child
b) Leave a bowl outside with them in, you will be surprised at how quickly they disappear – just like magic!
c) If you have children, you could put them into their sweetie tin. How could you ever “steal” sweeties from your own children.. Once they are in the tin, they belong to them.

2) Avoid “sweet sharer syndrome” – you know what I mean. As you are the person giving out the treats, don’t fall into the trick of “one for you and two for me!” That devilish little game will do you no favours and will leave you feeling like you have gone to hell when you next step on the scales, or look in the mirror.

3) If you are reading this on your way home (it’s not even dark yet) and you are about to go and stock up on those Halloween sweeties, buy sweets that you don’t like.

4) If your own children come back with a pile of yummy sweeties and chocolate, then put the one’s they don’t eat in to their sweetie tin. See point 1d above as to the reason why!

And finally, to avoid a week long sugar fest running into Bonfire Night, get the sweets out of your house and away from temptation: donate to friends, neighbours, take to work and then stock up on yummy apples (for apple dunking), healthy nuts and Christmas citrus fruits to tempt your taste buds. Now be aware also that the shops will want to tempt you into stocking up with more sweeties for bonfire night,and may even trick you into buying them by devilishly reducing the price on Halloween chocolates and goodies. Don’t be fooled. They are just trying to flog the sweets that they have overstocked on before they reach their sell by date. Walk away, and keep in mind your goal of getting into your sexy LBD for your Christmas parties!

Wooooooo! and Happy Halloween.

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