Who is Your Weight Loss Role Model?

Nigella Lawson, Jennifer Ellison, Dawn French, Pauline Quirk, Kelly Osborne – what do they all have in common? Well, they are all famous women who have successfully lost significant amounts of weight recently. Now I know that many of these celebrities can afford personal trainers, people to deliver beautiful low calorie meals to them, staff to cook for them etc, but like you and I they still have to ensure that they are motivated to follow the advice given, to get up in the morning and work out with their trainer, to eat the healthy meals being prepared for them and not overindulge the rest of the day: They have to be motivated just like us ordinary women to lose weight and keep it off. For some of you, their achievements and personal struggles to lose weight can be hugely motivational to read about, when you are struggling with your own motivation to shed your own weight.

If you have a peak in the dictionary, the definition of a role model is: “a person who serves as an example, whose behaviour is emulated by others”.  These celebrity women who have lost their weight can serve as a role model for you to stay motivated with your own weight loss challenges. Emulating people who inspire you, can help you to achieve your own weight loss goals; indeed their weight loss stories are often well  documented in glossy magazines for this purpose.

However, what can be even more powerful and motivational to you when you are losing weight, is actually finding role models who are closer to home, who have faced their challenges and taken the steps necessary to become lighter and healthier. I would suggest choosing role models who have achieved their weight loss sensibly, through eating healthily, taking exercise and changing their habits, rather than those who have gone to extreme and often silly methods to losing weight.

As a weight loss hypnotherapist and weight loss coach, I have walked my talk. In years gone by I have struggled with being overweight even being a size 20 at one point in my life and remember how it felt being so heavy, not being able to wear the clothes and styles I loved and looking so big and ungainly; feeling miserable and trying every diet going. I have applied the tools and resources that I share with my clients to manage my weight without dieting, without the guilt and despair, without the yo yo feeling and now maintain a healthy BMI, exercise regularly and still enjoy food, without any deprivation, and with a healthy relationship to food: with balance. I don’t have a perfect, skinny figure, but I am happy with the way I look and how I feel and that is one of the important parts for me too.
So rather than looking to the stars, why not search closer to home for your very own role model? Perhaps there is someone close to you who has recently lost weight and is maintaining their weight loss, looking healthy and being sensible about it? Or maybe it’s someone you work with; a friend, a mum at the school gates- whoever it may be, find someone who has a similar lifestyle and values as you and talk to them about what they did, how they faced their own challenges, get them to share their story with you. Be inspired by their story and take what you can from it to support you in your motivation. After all, if someone else can do it, then so can you!

Next week in my countdown to Christmas I will be sharing with you how to enjoy your snack attacks and still lose weight!

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