As a weight loss coach, I work with my clients to keep them motivated and accountable throughout their weight loss journey: this is an essential element of losing weight and maintaining it. So many of my clients when they first come to see me, tell me that in the past, they have followed diet plans, and have had the right equipment, but have not succeeded in becoming slimmer and healthier. It is clear that for some of my clients, one of the reasons for this, was lack of consistent motivation and support. In the past, this has led many of my clients to the long and difficult road of yo yo dieting, frustration and unfulfilled expectations

What is clear is that you start out on the road to weight loss with high hopes, dreams of what you wish to achieve, focus and determination. However, maintaining the level of motivation is not always that easy: life gets in the way, stress gets in the way, sometimes partners get in the way, social engagements get in the way and what happens is, you lose focus, stop seeing results, feel demoralised, tell yourself “what’s the point?” and your motivation disappears and you don’t get where you want to.
If you identify with this, then I want to share some of the tips I use with my clients, to help you keep your motivation strong, as your progress over the next 11 weeks towards your weight loss for Christmas.

My top 10 Weight Loss Motivation Tips:

1) Write it down: Using a pen and paper, start to list the following:
Why you really want to lose weight? Is it to regain your confidence; is it to feel sexy again? Or is it simply because you’d love to wear fashion skinny jeans, skirts or a beautiful, elegant party dress this Christmas? Reconnecting with your big “WHY” will help to keep your motivation strong in those moments when you feel a bit wobbly.

2) Think about it: What will it really feel like when you do reach your goal? Will you walk taller, holding your head up high with inner confidence; will you become the life and soul of your Christmas party; will you be happier ? Keep hold of those feelings and consider them every time your motivation wavers.

3) Use your imagination: Sitting down, closing your eyes and really imagining what you will look like when you reach your goal and the clothes you will wear that you wouldn’t dream of wearing now; how you will feel differently and what people will be saying to you about your lovely new figure, can be hugely motivating and liberating. When you have those images firmly fixed in your consciousness remember to recall them at every opportunity to help keep that focus strong.

4) Rate it: This is a challenge: get a piece of paper and write down how you will feel if you give up half way through and you don’t achieve your goal. How painful will it be to still be at the same weight or perhaps even heavier by Christmas? Rate the level of discomfort you will feel on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst and write it down. If you feel your motivation waning, recall that number.

5) Use a visual reminder: Make a visual reminder either positive or negative and place it somewhere where you will see it every day. Perhaps put a “fat” picture of you on the fridge or hang a favourite outfit outside of your wardrobe will remind you of what you are working to achieve.

6) Special Occasion: As you are focusing on losing weight for Christmas, you have something special to aim for. Some of my clients, who have just started their programmes with me, are focusing on losing weight so that they can look fabulous at their business Christmas party and this is massively motivating for them. After this there will be other special occasions in the forthcoming year to look forward to, to help keep their weight off and maintain their motivation.

7) Share it: this may not be for everyone but sharing with people about what you are working to achieve and your commitment to doing this can help to keep you going especially if you fear the embarrassment of admitting you gave up. Being accountable can really help some people to keep their motivation strong.

8) Be realistic: Set realistic goals or mini milestones along the way, so that you are taking small manageable steps to achieve your bigger weight loss goal. Setting your first goals too high, can put a lot of pressure on you and often means that the journey feels too big to achieve. Taking small steps consistently over a period of time, means that you make the necessary tweaks and changes to your habits and behaviour and when you look back you can see how far you have travelled. Seeing results will spur you on. (take a look at my earlier blogs on setting smart weight loss goals if you need help with this.)

9) Suit yourself: Find the way of losing weight that is right for you. It is human nature to rebel against or sabotage anything that we are forced to do. This is why my one-to-one weight loss coaching programmes are tailor made and bespoke to each client, because one way does not fit all needs.

10) Clarify your own values: This is a simple, yet very effective question that is worth asking yourself: “What is important to you?” Do you value pie over your health? Is slumping in front of the television more important that the chance to get moving and live longer? Work out what you value and keep this in mind.

Try some of these tips to help keep your motivation strong throughout the next 11 weeks. Do feel free to share this with any friends that may be struggling with their weight loss and motivation, and let me know how you are getting on yourself.

In my next blog, I will be sharing with you how celebrity weight loss can inspire and motivate you.

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