Let’s Get Started! But Not on a Tuesday!

Most clients I work with have told me that one of the first things they have found difficult in the past, is getting started with their weight loss.

I ask them why has the simple act of “getting started” has become so difficult and challenging? Each individual client gives me their reasons, but the underlying reason I believe, that can make it difficult in getting started with weight loss, is that you put so much emphasis on the “starting” that it blows it all out of proportion, and then becomes something that feels intimidating and scary. I work with my clients to change their thinking around this and today I’d like to share some of these thoughts with you, so that we can flip your thinking and you will get started on your weight loss- it’s now only 12 weeks to Christmas, so now is the time to start!


How To Get off the Starting Line!

1) First of all, you need to cultivate the belief that your weight loss is possible: that you have the ability to change and that the lifestyle you dream of is within your reach. Most importantly, you must have faith that you can make the lifestyle changes necessary, one step at a time,  to  live in a healthy manner for the rest of your life. (If you don’t believe this, then get someone to help you!) It is not about going on a diet or reaching for a quick fix, but rather learning how to tweak and change what you have been doing in relation to food and eating, that is making you overweight in the first place. Once you start to believe that you can achieve this and  that you deserve to achieve this: that you deserve to be lighter, healthier, more energised, more attractive or whatever losing weight will do for you, you start to empower yourself to take action. That means healthy action and consistent healthy action!

2) Next, it’s about being clear about what you need to do to make those tweaks and changes. Do you need more information about healthy eating? Do you achieve results easier by having someone to work with you? Are you someone who needs a buddy or coach to encourage you? Do you need someone to help motivate you to exercise? Do you need help with planning?Is it your mindset and attitude that needs help? Once you are clear about the “how” and “what” and you have the information you need, it makes starting a lot easier, as you can make a “clear to follow” plan of action.

3) Finally, being clear about your outcome and really imagining what it will be like when you have achieved your weight loss, what will you look like? How will you feel? What will you be saying to yourself?  and creating a rich and detailed vision of this can be hugely motivating in helping you to take the first step.

Once you have the above 3 steps in place, the next step is to decide when to move from the starting line.

Below are some interesting facts that may help you to choose a day to “Just do It!”:

Apparently, according to research:

Women who start their weight loss journey on a Monday shed the most weight.

Women who start counting the calories on a Tuesday will give up in under a week (6 days), with over a quarter (28%) actually putting more weight on than when they started.(NOTE to self, avoid Tuesdays!)

Women who start on a Saturday have a clear goal in mind and are more likely to see the  commitment through to the end to meet their weight-loss targets.

Sunday starters are less likely to fall prey to the yo-yo dieting cycle, with an impressive 88% keeping the weight they lose off.

The study which involved 2000 people concluded that “Those who start their weight loss afresh at the weekend or the beginning of the week are more motivated to begin and continue making changes to achieve their weight loss goals!”

So with the weekend fast approaching, what are you waiting for?

Next week I will be sharing 10 motivational tips to keep you on track now that you have left the starting line……….

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