A New Chapter Begins….. as A Working Mum

Building confidence for your first day as a working mumA New Chapter begins….

So you have braved the interviews, you have sorted childcare for your little one or have settled them in to school and now your new chapter begins as a working mum.

The first day looms on the horizon and suddenly it all starts to feel real,exciting and even a bit scary.

“What if my son’s ill on the first day?” “What if he won’t settle in Nursery when I drop him off that day?” “What if I we have a bad night the night before?””what if… what if…what if……?” The answer to “What if….” thinking is “Don’t project!”

All you can do is prepare yourself the best you can for that first day. These tips may help:

1) Get your clothes and your child’s clothes, packed lunch, his books, your bag etc all packed and ready to go the night before

2) Set your alarm a little earlier so that you can get up the next morning without a mad rush. This will give you time to get ready before your child awakens.

3) Have an early night and be good to yourself – have a nice bath or read a lovely book before bed if it helps.

4) If you really start to feel nervous about your first day, spend some time mentally rehearsing it going well: Sit quietly, take a few nice deep breathes and imagine getting up early, having time to get ready calmly, having breakfast, dropping your child to school or the childminder and leaving with ease; driving to work feeling calm and relaxed and arriving at your job, going through the door looking confident in your smart clothes feeling excited and ready for the day! Run this through a couple of times in your mind. Make it colourful and really imagine it happening as if you are actually doing it all – looking out through your own eyes.

Now in reality we really don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, nobody does. However, if you tire yourself out panicking and thinking about all the disasters or things that could go wrong, you will get yourself in to a negative state of mind, you won’t sleep well and you will be almost creating a self fulfilling prophecy! On the other hand if you adopt a more positive mindset and think of everything going smoothly and the day ahead being a good one it sets up your mind to be resourceful: so even if things do go awry on the day, you will be in a more confident and positive frame of mind to meet the challenges that the day brings.

If you would like to prepare yourself and build your confidence for your first day back at work with like-minded mums, then why not join us on the next Mum2me course on Thursday 4th October in Ewell Surrey.This 3 hour workshop will enable you to learn how to “switch on your confidence” for that first day and how to dress for success and confidence so that you start your job feeling and looking wonderful. If you would like to find out more, then take a look at my workshop page here:

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