Mums Return to Work without Your Jelly Wobbles


As the beginning of the school year is fast approaching, I know that for a lot of mums their thoughts are turning to not only new school uniform and school shoes but to the possibility of returning to work, now that their children are commencing full time school.

For many mums this can bring on the “jelly wobbles!” No I’m not talking about strawberry flavoured cubes and boiling water, but the wobbly lack of confidence feeling about stepping up and back in to the world of work now that you are a mum. I have been there and done that and it was a scary thought for me too. I had resigned from my full time role after having my son and then circumstances meant that a short time later I was in the position, that I had to find a job and go back to work, albeit part time.

However, I had changed, and my priorities had changed now that I was a mum. I had been away from the world of full time work and my career for nearly 2 years and I had been used to the bliss of being at home, picnics, days out in the sunshine, baby groups, post natal groups, baby talk, child talk, wearing comfy practical clothes and usually little makeup. The thought of organising a child minder, not being there for my son during the day, being in an office for a certain period of time every day, having deadlines, targets, reporting to another adult and having to get myself and my son up and dressed, him to nursery and me looking professional to work filled me with lots of different “jelly wobbles” In fact, I felt that to some degree my professional confidence had deserted me!

I wished that I had either a crystal ball to predict the future, or a massive confidence switch to help me manage the task ahead of putting all of this in to place. Now if you are feeling something similar, then I can reassure you that if you really either do want to return to work, or as was my position, I needed to go back in to the world of work, then you will discover your confidence again. If you would like some help in doing this, then I’d like to invite you to join myself and my colleague Sandra Collins at the “Mum2Me” workshop that we are running in Ewell Surrey on Thursday 4th October 2012. The full details are here: but in a nutshell, in just 3 hours, you will discover your confident self again, learn how to create and listen to your own inner confidence coach, and how to dress with confidence and for success.

For an investment of only £25 which includes course materials and refreshments you will gain a better insight into yourself and will understand how confidence really works and how to switch in on when needed and within a group of mums in a similar situation. For further information either take a look here or send me an email to

In my next mum2me blog I will be sharing with you some practical tips about how to negotiate your way through the transition of moving from mum to “me” and some of the issues you may like to think about. Until then, live in the present moment of today, enjoy the sunshine and park those “jelly wobbles” for now.

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