How to Win the Weight Loss Lottery!

After reading this week about the British couple who won £148 million pounds on the lottery, it got me thinking about the whole area of being “lucky” verses being “unlucky”.

After having read many articles over the years about personal development, business development, how to be a money magnet, the Secret, the Law of Attraction amongst many others, what I have realised is that there is truly a difference between people that are “lucky” and those that are “unlucky”. Sadly there is no magic wand or special potion that will make you lucky and it appears that people are not born lucky (something people often mistakenly think!) In fact, the secret to “luck” is really about persistence and determination i.e it’s actually about your own personal attitude to life.

Now some of you may be groaning at this point with disappointment, but this is actually wonderful news! You are actually in control of your attitude; it is not some divine gold finger pointing at you but actually something you can grow and change with a bit or practise. Consider this scenario:

Having not driven for a while, a colleague decided to take his car out for a spin. Surprisingly, it started first time and off he set for a run out in the countryside. Driving along the motorway, however, his car suddenly lost power and fortunately, he managed to safely steer it over on to the hard shoulder. Although rather shaken, he called out his road side assistance and waited safely for them to come and deal with the problem. Now it transpired that the fault with the car was a costly one and involved being towed to a garage and parting with a fair sum of money. My colleague being the sort of person he is, considered himself to be “lucky” inspite of the financial cost involved. As he said losing power in your car on the motorway could have actually cost him his life and that of others, if he hadn’t been lucky enough to get on to the hard shoulder safely. Another person in this situation could consider themselves “unlucky” in that they have had to endure the inconvenience of being delayed, not getting to their destination and in addition having to pay for a huge car repair bill.

The moral of this true story is that my colleague who considered himself lucky, went on to have a positive day, feeling good to be alive and appreciating his good luck. The other “unlucky” virtual person would have probably complained and focused on his “bad luck” and probably would have got himself in a rotten mood, had a row with his wife, caused himself more stress fretting etc etc….

So I hear you ask, what has this got to do with weight loss? Well actually quite a lot!
So many of my clients tell me when they first come to see me, that they have been unlucky at losing weight. They tell me that they have tried everything and that nothing has worked; they allow their negative attitude to overshadow their desire to lose weight and be slimmer, lighter and healthier. They allow their past perceived “failures” to influence their trust and hope in achieving the body they dream of having. I often point out to my clients that this isn’t about being unlucky or about failing: it is often simply that their previous attempts was not the right method for them to lose and maintain weight loss, and neither did what they do previously deal with the other issues that have made them put on the weight in the first place. 

Now here is the really good news that I share with each of my clients: You can decide to be lucky! You can decide to focus on the positive, on what action you can take, on what you are capable of doing, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the past and perceived unlucky failures! There are some people who will choose to sit around and wait for their magic weight loss lottery numbers to be drawn and that golden finger to point down at them and say “It could be you!”Or with the right attitude of persistence and determination, and with a little help from me as your very own weight loss coach, there to step with you through the process of losing and maintaining weight, using effective hypnosis and NLP strategies rather than dieting, you can achieve your dream of having the body you desire.  

I’ll let one of my clients Chrissie tell you about why she came to see me and the impact of working with me and losing 5 stone has had on her life: This is Chrissie one year after having the Weight Hypnotherapy and You Sessions with me, having gone from a size 24 when she started to a size 16: (her pictures and video are on the website under the Weight Hypnotherapy and You page) Listen to Chrissie here:extracts Chrissie Aug 2012

So don’t be the person who waits for the lucky golden finger, dreaming to magically help them lose weight, instead Let Me Help You Take the Weight Off Your Mind. Are you feeling lucky???

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