Enjoy looking Gorgeous as You Lose Weight

So many of my clients, struggle with finding suitable clothes to wear as they are losing weight and it is not unusual for them to carry on wearing their old ”fat” clothes (their description!) even though they have lost several pounds and the clothes are virtually hanging off them. It seems that many of them want to wait until they have achieved the ideal weight and body before they dress differently. However, this is not a good strategy.

Another strategy that I see my clients employing as they lose weight it to try and plan their wardrobe around their distant final weight loss outcome and then end up feeling demoralised when they cannot fit in to the much smaller sized clothing that they have bought. This is not a good strategy either.

Looking and feeling gorgeous is so important as you lose weight, as it will give you the motivation, confidence and enthusiasm to continue your weight loss journey until you achieve the result that you are aiming for. But it is important to look and feel fabulous on the way there. If you continue wearing oversize clothes, you will still look big and you won’t get the full benefit of the wonderful results that you are achieving. You want to celebrate your achievements by wearing nicer, appropriate sized clothes so that when you look in the mirror you see the difference staring back at you. This is a constant and beautiful reminder of the effort you are putting in to get healthier, slimmer and the evidence of your success!

However, there is little point in running before you can walk: so if you are currently say a size 20 then there is absolutely no point in buying size 10 clothes yet, as it is too big a jump to consider. By all means by size 18 or even 16 to motivate yourself and if you keep on track, it won’t be long before you are able to comfortably fit into the smaller size clothes. It’s important for your continued motivation to work with sensible and achievable milestones along the way.

Now I know most people cannot afford to buy a whole new wardrobe each step of the way on their weight loss journey,  but below I have outlined some possible options for enjoying looking gorgeous as you lose weight, without having to spend pounds.

1) Most stores have seasonal sales, so head for the bargain section and snap up some items that you would love to wear in a couple of sizes smaller. Buy a couple of things in the sale that you are going to really feel fabulous in and if necessary hang them outside of your wardrobe to remind you of what you are aiming for.

2) If you have a couple of items of clothing in a bigger size that you absolutely adore, then consider finding a tailor or seamstress who can alter and adopt the clothing for you in a smaller size. If you have couple of special outfits or particularly expensive outfits, then this is a viable cheaper option.

3) Ebay can be a good resource for finding good quality clothing without breaking the bank.

4) Swishing – this is a fabulous modern and ecological idea where you attend a swishing event or party and bring the clothes with you that you no longer fit into and swap with other people. Believe me these are becoming very popular and there are even swishing events in city happening now.  There are organised events run by companies such as “Back to the Fuschia” (www.backtothefuschia.org) or you can simply get together with a few friends who are all different shapes and sizes and organise your own “swishing” party. Great fun, lots of giggles and you often get to try on things that you wouldn’t normally even consider, with honest feedback from your friends too.

5) Charity shops –take along your outsize clothes and donate them to a good cause and pick out a couple of items relatively cheap that you would like to buy for yourself. Many of the more upmarket areas have designer or vintage clothes at knock down prices!

So ladies there is now no excuse. Get rid of that “fat” wardrobe. If you hold onto your old oversize clothes you are tempting fate and making it all too easy for yourself to slip back in your old habits and old clothes. De-clutter as you go: remember out with the old, in with the new! Enjoy looking gorgeous.

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