3 Action Tips to Keep you Motivated on your Weight Loss Journey

A visual reminder of what you are working to achieve

So many of my clients tell me that it makes a huge difference having me as their personal coach supporting them on their weight loss journey, especially to hold their hand every step of the way during the early days. However, not everybody has the opportunity to work with their own Weight Loss Coach and certainly even for my clients the intention is to empower them to continue their weight loss independently after their Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with me , not to create a relationship of dependence.

Although my clients have the added benefit of receiving personal CD’s and the tools and resources I teach them during their programme to support them, I also share the following 3 top action tips with them to help them to support themselves as they continue moving forward with their weight loss: these action tips also help my clients to maintain their weight loss in the long term.

1) Find an item of clothing in a smaller size, that you think is absolutely gorgeous and would love to wear (it may even be a favourite piece of clothing that you have loved and worn in the past when you were slimmer) and hang it on the OUTSIDE of your wardrobe, where you can see it every single day as a reminder of what you are seeking to achieve.

2) Stick a picture of yourself slimmer or if you don’t have such a picture, find one that represents how you would like to look and feel and put this on the outside of your fridge or the cupboard where you store your “not so healthy” food. This will stop you in your tracks if you feel the urge to go and mindlessly munch on unhealthy foods.

3) Keep a journal on your personal weight loss journey. Every time you weigh yourself and find that you have lost weight, write down how good that feels for you, what positive thoughts being slimmer stimulates in your mind and what wonderful comments you are receiving about how gorgeous you are looking.


in my next post, I am going to encourage you to “Enjoy Looking Gorgeous” as you lose weight. So until then, keep rocking with that motivation!

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