Week 7: Help Me to Slim for Summer– Change your Behaviour at Meal Times

Ok so Summer is not really here yet, albeit that it is now June. However, there is an orange globe in the sky today, so I guess this reminds us that the Summer holidays will soon be upon us. So how is your weight loss going? Will you be able to fit comfortably into your swim suit or bikini on your Summer holidays this year? (Weather permitting!)

If you are still on track, then well done you, I bet you are starting to look fabulous!

If you are struggling or losing motivation, then making some small behaviour changes at meal times will impact directly on your weight loss.

1. Eat only at the table, using a smaller plate, to help with your portion control.

2. Eat slowly. Chew your food; savour and enjoy your food. Eating is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

3. Turn off the television when eating, so that you can eat mindfully without distractions.

4. Have a glass of water before your meal. This will help you to avoid over eating.

5. When you have finished your dinner (the main course), wait about 15 minutes before thinking about eating anything else. (I usually use this time to wash up and tidy the kitchen) Often when that is done I either forget about my desire for pudding or I feel full up so I don’t fancy a pudding!

Remember these are SMALL behavioural changes, and they will make a BIG difference if you keep making them.

These small changes will give you these 5 positive benefits:

  • You will eat less,
  • your will eat more slowly and therefore enjoy your food and feel more full,
  • You will eat mindfully and be more aware of what you are putting in to your body,
  • you will have a tidy kitchen(!)
  • You will allow your body to digest the food you have been eating, so the likelihood is that you won’t want or need to eat anything else as your hunger will have been satisfied!

Look out for my next post about “feeling the weight loss as it happens!”- to help you to keep on track towards your Summer Weight Loss.

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