Save Your Belly and your Budget!

Dieting is expensive! Meal replacements, shakes, nutrition bars, expensive concoctions on the meal plan, slimming branded products are all big business and cost you lots of money. The worse thing is you may lose weight when you are eating, and drinking these artificial and expensive products, but guess what you cannot eat and drink these for ever. That’s the problem with special “diet” food, it’s expensive but it doesn’t teach you to eat normally, or to create a healthy relationship with proper food.

Another issue in the supermarket, which I am sure you have noticed in these times of recession, is that many of the convenient, pre-packaged foods filled with fat, sugar, salt and easy to prepare are often the foods on special offer. Normally, however, these convenient ready meals are expensive. The worst thing about them is that these processed foods not only break your bank account when full price, but in the long run they don’t help your health either.

Taking charge of your health and your weight is the best gift you can give yourself and your family. Believe it or not, it is also one of the greatest ways you can save money.

Creating a healthy relationship with food by eating healthily can save your belly and your budget!

Here’s how to shop smart, save money and your health:

  • Replace: Swap processed foods that come in boxes and cans for fresh, natural foods
  • Plan ahead: Plan your meals for the week ahead and write your shopping list based on that. If you don’t do this, it’s easy to over buy and then find that you are left with food going out of date in your fridge. Using your meal planner and shopping list will make it easier for you to only buy what you need, and will prevent you from getting tempted by all the unhealthy offers in store.
  • Buy in season: Buy food that is in season –  it makes sense. This time of year, English Strawberries are ripe and haven’t travelled far, summer fruits and melons are juicy and tasty. If you are not sure what is in season, check on-line or ask in store. Foods in season tend to be cheaper and taste a lot nicer too!
  • Be prepared: Rather than buying pre-packaged snacks for yourself and your kids, make up your own. Get a little cool bag and pack carrot batons, apple slices, oat cakes and a small pot of humous, raisins, low calorie cheese whatever you fancy that is low fat, tasty and portable.
  • Buy in Bulk: If it’s cheap, or on special offer, healthy and won’t perish too quickly, it’s worth stocking up on. Have stand by’s in the store cupboard or even better, when you are making a healthy meal, make double and back freeze some. This saves time, money and your belly in the long run. I’m sure you know what it’s like when you get in of an evening feeling tired, had a bad day etc and don’t feel that you’ve got the energy and motivation to cook. This is when it’s easy to sabotage yourself and grab something unhealthy out of the cupboard, or even worse, not bother to cook and fill up on chocolate, cheese and crackers, pancakes etc (these are some of the things my client’s have told me they have done in the past!) Now, being able to grab a healthy pre-cooked meal that you have prepared, from the freezer and having that instead is not only quick, but when you are feeling worn out or fed up, is exactly what you need to boost your energy again.

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