Bank Holiday Saboteurs–Don’t let them ruin your weight loss!

Ok the May Bank Holiday is fast approaching and although by now the sun should be shining and we should be wearing lovely, summery clothes and planning bbq’s, that may or may not happen this weekend. However, whatever you are doing over the bank holiday, if you are in the process of shedding those extra pounds, then don’t let the fact that we have a lovely long weekend ahead, ruin your weight loss efforts. To help get you through the bank holiday and keep you on track, here are some useful tips:

1) Don’t burn yourself at the bbq! – if the sun is shining and you are having a bbq over the holidays be mindful of what you are eating. Whilst grilling or cooking on the bbq is a more healthy way to cook, be aware of how many burgers or steaks you are loading on to your plate. Also at bbq’s we tend to have lots of additional side dishes to put on our plates: potato salad, coleslaw, dips, tortillas, peanuts etc all these add calories for usually small amounts of the food. Fill yourself up on salad, meat and maybe small portions of the additions: a little of what you fancy is fine but don’t fill up on these, as you will be adding extra inches to your waistline.

2) Picnics – the important thing about picnics is that you can plan ahead what you are going to eat. With a little forethought and preparation, you can eat away from home and eat healthily. Crudities, healthy sandwich fillings, low fat dips, rice cakes, fresh fruit salads are suitable, satisfying, portable and won’t ruin your efforts.

3) Watch your alcohol intake. We all like to let our hair down and relax over the bank holidays, but don’t go crazy. Just because you don’t have to get up for work the next day is not a green light to go overboard. Remember alcohol is liquid calories and if you have one too many, it can weaken your resolve to eat healthily.

4) Be assertive – just because Auntie Flo doesn’t think you should be losing weight and is saying “oh go on another small piece of cake won’t hurt!” doesn’t mean that Auntie Flo is right. Practise saying no thank you, or I’m full thank you, so that you don’t get bullied or tempted into something that you don’t really need or want

5) A little of what you fancy – If you are tempted when out by ice-creams or chips, that’s fine you don’t have to deprive yourself, but be mindful of the portion size. A small ice cream cone without flakes and sprinkles is ok or even a small portion of chips won’t ruin everything, but keep it all in proportion. Think of the 80/20 principle. If 80% percent of the time, you are eating healthily then it’s fine to have the occasional “treat” and not to feel guilty about it.

Let’s hope the sun will shine this weekend, and then you can get out and about in the nice weather: being more active will help to counter balance any Bank Holiday treats!

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