How to have chocolate at Easter and still lose weight

Yes I know that this sounds like a chocoholics fantasy, but with a little tweaking, it is possible to have your chocolate fix and still keep your weight in check.

These little tricks below will ensure you can indulge in your chocolate pleasure without blowing your weight loss efforts:

1) Remember if you really want your chocolate fix, keep your snack to less than 150 calories (and only one chocolate snack per day!) If you are finding that you are constantly craving chocolate, then it’s not about the chocolate but some other emotion or “hunger” that you are trying to fill with chocolate.

2) Dark Chocolate – OOOh a square of gorgeous dark chocolate goes a long way. It smells divine and is very satisfying, probably more so than white or milk chocolate and this is because it is much higher in coco. Dark chocolate has only about 110 calories per 30g (per ounce) so a little can go a long way!

3) Chocolate Mousse – Fortunately, to get your chocolate fix is quite easy and low calorie if you opt for a healthy options chocolate mousse. In fact most supermarkets now offer low calorie chocolate mousse in their chiller cabinets and at around only 100 calories it can be a great way to indulge in that chocolate flavour

4) Hot Chocolate – That yummy chocolate flavour in a mug – great as a bedtime drink or a sweet mid afternoon snack at work without having to feel guilty. At only 50 calories per sachet, the low calorie versions at the supermarket are a good choice and very satisfying.

5) Easter Eggs – Now with a little forethought and self discipline you don’t have to miss out. Firstly, if you don’t want to over indulge, ask loved ones to buy you something other than chocolate for Easter. (I have asked for pansies for my hanging baskets for example which will give me a longer “nice” feeling than stuffing a huge amount of chocolate and then feeling sick!) If you really want chocolate eggs then ask for small versions like mini eggs or cadbury cream eggs and either share them or ration yourself to a few mini eggs or one cadbury cream egg per day.

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